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  • Property crime decreases in Chestermere

    Chestermere RCMP reported a 34.5 per cent property crime reduction in the Quarter four Report given to City Council on May 7.

    “There was a total of 38 down from the 58 reported crimes in the year before,” said Staff Sgt. Mark Wielgosz.

    Chestermere RCMP saw an increase in property crime during the 2018 first and second quarters, including theft of vehicles, theft from motor vehicles, and residential break and enters.

    “We escalated our responses, leveraged our programs with additional resources, and we did see positive results in quarter three and four,” Wielgosz said.

    “Addressing the increase in the first two quarters, significant progress was made with increased activity in crime reduction initiatives,” he said.

    He added; Chestermere RCMP still see a significant number of preventable crimes.

    Residents can engage simple but effective ways to detour and prevent property crimes by locking vehicles, removing valuables from sight, and ensuring house and garage doors are closed at night.

    “Public education increased public vigilance in securing property, and reporting suspicious activity was observed to be an increasing contributing factor,” Wielgosz said.

    Chestermere RCMP is continuing with the Habitual Offender Management Program, which Wielgosz attributes to the property crime reduction.

    “This person has been incarcerated several times, and as a result of our sustained efforts, has  relocated outside of our community,” Wielgosz said.

    Nine checks were completed, which resulted in the recovery of five stolen vehicles, and recovery of various stolen property.

    “We are still continuing with our persons of interest program, we are currently monitoring 13 persons in our community,” Wielgosz said.

    “Positive results with habitual offender and persons of interest monitoring initiatives have been a significant driver with the lower preventable crime rates,” Wielgosz said.

    To ensure a decreasing trend in  crime within the community, Chestermere RCMP is working on a variety of targeted programs that have a positive impact in police investigations, including  the Voluntary Registry of Home Surveillance Program, and the Chestermere Theft Prevention Program.

    Along with focusing on property crime, RCMP are also ensuring local roads are safe through the Enhanced Road Safety Initiative, where additional members were assigned to target impaired, aggressive, or distracted driving with the city.

    Over 50 shifts were completed during the Enhanced Road Safety Initiative, where 1,078 infractions were

    made, including bylaw offenses, cannabis infractions, speed, vehicle deficiency violations, and distracted driving.

    “Increased visibility in the community remains a priority,” Wielgosz said.