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  • Two-day fair bringing families together

    Two-day fair bringing families together pic 2x

    Members of the community came out to promote Seniors Week by dancing in a flash mob on June 1 at Camp Chestermere during the Family Fun Fair. The Director of Camp Chestermere said the flash mob went amazing as everyone watching was recording, smiling, and cheering. Photo by Emily Rogers

    The annual Family Fun Fair gave families an opportunity to engage with neighbours and the greater community while spending time together on May 31 and June 1 at Camp Chestermere.

    The Rocky View Chestermere (RVC), Agricultural Society worked in partnership with Camp Chestermere to host a two-day fair with activities that featured a movie on the beach, smores and hot dog roast. The well attended activities included rabbit competitions, farmers market, duck herding, archery, target shooting, power tubing, canoeing, kayaking, wall climbing, face-painting, and crafts.

    “It’s a big community event, we invited the entire community to come out and have an amazing day,” said Camp Chestermere Director Shannon Dean.

    New to the Family Fun Fair was a flash mob, where Chestermere RCMP, and other members of the community danced their hearts out in support of Seniors Week.

    “It went amazing. It was cool how the whole community came and watched. Everyone was recording it, and smiling,” Dean said.

    The Family Fun Fair has been extremely well-received by the community in the past. However, before the event, Dean was worried that families wouldn’t attend because of the smoke.

    “The smoke cleared out, it was a beautiful day, people came out and had a good time,” Dean said.

    The Family Fun Fair has been so successful in the past because people like to come out and enjoy things close to home and within their community.

    “It is obvious that residents support any opportunity they have to come out and celebrate the fact that Chestermere is a unique, amazing place to live, play and be,” he said.

    For Dean, hearing residents’ feedback on family-based events that Camp Chestermere hosts makes the hard work well worth it.

    “Anytime where families get to come to spend time together and spend time with other families, is a huge win,” Dean said.

    He added that having families come out and do things together as a family is a benefit to the community.

    Staff at Camp Chestermere measure how successful an event was by how many people leave with smiles on their faces, and if they want to come back.

    “I looked around today, and there were a lot of kids and adults with smiles on their faces. Hopefully, they all want to come back. It’s been successful,” Dean said.