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  • Wanting more

     “I’m afraid they might get the wrong idea”

    I am an active senior with a clear mind(most days), and I enjoy people and connection with like minded adults.
    I lost my spouse and now when I talk to someone they are afraid I might be wanting more.

    “MORE”, of course I want “More”.

    I want More conversations, I want more activity, I want more time with my friends, and I want more time with my family.

    Our friends were “our” friends. They were not gender specific, they were both of our friends.

    My spouse & I worked side by side. We raised our children together. We danced and went to movies, we held hands when we walked. We had breakfast, lunch & dinner together.
    We enjoyed morning coffee and afternoon tea and celebrated occasions by having a drink together.
    We played cribbage and tile rummy in the evenings.
    We played bocci ball and lawn & carpet bowled and curled together.
    We laid in the grass and watched the stars at night. We rejoiced at seeing a full moon, especially the giant harvest moons.
    Most of all we enjoyed each other’s company, smiling and laughing together.

    Now, I struggle to adjust to doing all of these things alone.
    Some of Our friends stopped calling, stopped inviting for fear of not knowing what to say or do.
    When I show up at an event and I see other singles, I engage in conversation, and encourage others to join our community senior’s clubs.
    I have been met with an indignant no, shying away or a comment of “I’m too old“ or “I’m too young”.
    I am not looking for a relationship, I simply want human interaction & connectivity.
    I want to live and laugh and enjoy the rest of my days.

    So please do not judge me or assume anything when I ask you over for tea or coffee or an evening drink, a meal or a movie.
    I am merely looking for someone to share the time I have left here on earth, in a healthy and happy atmosphere that seems to accept couples more readily than a single me.

    Life is for the living.