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  • Wardens first time meeting Lions Club

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    Mel Foat and his new dog guide Warden during Warden’s graduation day from the Lions Foundation of Canada training school. The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides train dog guides to assist with hearing, service, seizure response, autism assistance, diabetic alert, and now support. Photo submitted by Marilyn King.

    “It was an exciting evening with Warden’s first visit with Mel Foat to our Lions Club.

    It’s a pretty special event as the club has been able to sponsor Warden as the result of the first Dog Guide walk that was held in Chestermere back in May.

    Warden graduated from the Lions Foundation of Canada training school for dog guides in Oakville and has been assigned to Mel as his second dog, now that Walker has retired.

    Championing the blind has been an important part of the Lions organization ever since we received the challenge from Helen Keller at a Lions Convention in 1925.

    Since opening its doors in 1985 the Foundation has grown to include additional Dog Guide programs:
    HearingServiceSeizure ResponseAutism AssistanceDiabetic Alert and newly introduced, Support Dog Guides.
    Now the largest school of its kind in Canada, Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides is located in Oakville and has a breeding and training facility in Breslau.
    Lions Foundation of Canada’s mission is to assist Canadians with a medical or physical disability by providing them Dog Guides at no cost. To do this, the Foundation operates Dog Guides Canada, a preeminent national training school and charity that assists individuals with disabilities through specialized Dog Guide programs. These Dog Guides are provided at no cost to eligible Canadians from coast to coast despite costing $25,000 to train and place. The Foundation relies on donations from individuals, service clubs, foundations and corporations and does not receive any government funding and Chestermere Lions will be holding Annual Dog Walks in May to support this.”Wardens first time meeting lions club