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  • WhiteCappers How they support our community?

    Check out the Whitecapper advertisement in the Anchor and you will see a very comprehensive list of activities supported by our seniors’ community group. They also provide lunch and learns on a variety of interesting topics. The executive group is always looking for and implementing new programs that will be of interest to seniors. This group is a very strong advocate for the seniors in our community.
    Along with advocating for seniors they provide a great place to gather and enjoy activities and spend time with friends and family.
    A quick peak back in The Whitecappers history.
    • In 1980 land held by the Chestermere Community Association was transferred to Rocky View County for $1.
    • The Recreation Center is owned by RockyView County (RVC) and the Chestermere Regional Community Association (CRCA) leases the facility from them.
    • In 1985 the White cappers were incorporated and began meeting in a designated room in the Recreation Center.
    • In 1999 the Whitecappers had out grown the room and planned to build their own facility.
    • In 1999 the Whitecappers decided to work with the Recreation Expansion Project team to build a facility within the Recreation Center.
    • The Whitecappers contributed to the building funds they had created to develop a designated room within the Recreation Center .
    • The Whitecappers investments were:
    • $200,000 for lease hold improvements for a senior facility.
    • $150,000 to the recreation building fund.
    • 2007 the Whitecappers signed the existing sublease agreement.
    Some of the current Whitecappers sublease terms.
    • 10 year lease with an additional 10 years.
    • Rent of $1,055 to be paid monthly.
    • Whitecappers will pay their fair share of operating costs.
    • Rent was reviewed and adjusted annually if required.
    • Rent was paid for 10 years without being contested or adjusted.
    • October 2017 the Whitecappers requested to extent their lease for 10 years.
    Current sub-lease terms presented.
    • Currently the two parties have not been able to reach an agreement.
    • January 2018 four options were presented by the CRCA to the Whitecappers:
    1. Increase rent to $2,000 / month.
    2. Increase rent to $1,265 / month and Whitecappers must buy a CRCA annual membership.
    3. Increase rent based on Statcan inflation rates and allow CRCA to rent out the Whitecapper facility.
    4. Vacate the premises
    • All options include a 60 day notice at anytime without cause.
    The Whitecappers’ Center may be forced to relocated shortly. Lets negotiate fairly, respectively and show support for the seniors in our community.

    Community Senior;
    Al Kersch

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