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  • 1.1% tax cut for Chestermere in 2021

    coc taxcuts nr
    coc taxcuts nr
    This 1.1% cut follows a 2% cut in 2020 and a 2% tax cut in 2019. Council also reduced a 2018 planned increased of 2% down to a 0.9% increase

    December 2, 2020 –

    The City of Chestermere Council is pleased to announce that they have reduced the property tax requirement by 1.1% for 2021, the 3rd year in a row of tax cuts.

    “When we were elected, our residents told us that taxes were out of control. We took that very seriously and have worked diligently each year to find efficiencies. We take pride in doing so, especially this year, as we know times are tough for many due to the global pandemic,” says Mayor Marshall Chalmers.

    This 1.1% cut follows a 2% cut in 2020 and a 2% tax cut in 2019. Council also reduced a 2018 planned increased of 2% down to a 0.9% increase.

    “This has been a hard year for many, so we did what we could to find relief for our residents. That included tax and utility deferral programs, putting a pause on some of our plans to save for rainy-days, and culminated in cutting taxes again,” says Chalmers.

    City staff explain that these successive cuts have been the result of hard work to find internal efficiencies.

    “We have been working hard to be the most Amazing municipality in Canada. That includes breaking down silos, aligning with Council’s strategic vision, being nimble when facing unexpected challenges like COVID-19 and enhancing strategic awareness,” says the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, Bernie Morton. “In doing so, we are able to cut costs while improving the way we provide services for the people of Chestermere.”

    In addition to providing a tax requirement reduction, the 2021 budget includes some exciting projects.

    Major projects set for the new year include:

    • Starting work on a new civic centre that will include a fieldhouse
    • Widening Chestermere Boulevard from Rainbow Road to Range Road 284
    • Chestermere Boulevard pavement management
    • Replacing the Rainbow Road bridge
    • Rainbow Road resurfacing from the bridge to Township Road 240
    • Updating aging municipal playgrounds, equipment, and vehicles
    • Initiating a public transit project extension to Chestermere

    Finally, the City is working towards more improvements for its budget process in years to come by aligning with a Priority Based Budgeting approach.

    This means that instead of budgeting based on functions, the City will budget based on Council’s priorities and the services provided directly to residents.

    More information, and ways for residents to get involved, will be coming in 2021.

    For more information, and a copy of the 2021 Budget presentation, visit www.chestermere.ca/budget.