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  • Chestermerian wins grocery bundle in Chestermere Anchor Contest

    Patti Norman won the Chestermere Anchor Digital Edition Subscriber contest, and received a grocery bundle

    chestermere resident recieves grocery bundle pic 1
    Chestermere resident, Patti Norman received the Alberta Grocery bundle after winning the Chestermere Anchor Digitial Edition Subscriber contest on June 12. The Alberta Grocery bundle featured grocery staples from Alberta based vendors. Photo by Emily Rogers

    Alberta Grocery is supplying Calgary, Airdrie, and Chestermere residents with grocery staples in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Alberta Grocery partnered with the Chestermere Anchor, to give away a grocery bundle to a Chestermere resident.  Patti Norman was the lucky winner.

    “The original idea was to have people submit others who they wanted to receive a bundle. Then we thought let’s just get some groceries to people, and get the word out there that we’re here, and we have fresh, local, quality groceries that we can deliver to people’s doors,” said Alberta Grocery Marketing Specialist Mandy Lawrance.  

    Partnering with the Chestermere Anchor was a simple decision because of there almost ubiquitous reach into Chestermere.

    Alberta Grocery began the grocery bundle delivery in mid-March in response to COVID-19, as many restaurant and food distributor partners had a surplus of food that would normally be given to restaurants or schools.

    “They had all of this extra stock and there was no way to get it to people who needed it,” Lawrance said.

    “We all came together and partnered with other vendors to offer Calgarians a way to get the staple groceries that they needed, and then some not so staple items,” she said.

    Adding, “It’s grown more into helping local businesses, and getting some quality Alberta groceries to people with a convenient home delivery model.”

    While delivering grocery bundles, Lawrance has heard an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, as people enjoy the selection on the website and the convenience of having groceries delivered.

    “Getting your groceries delivered right to your door is so convenient, instead of having to go to different locations to support local businesses, it’s really nice to be able to do it through one website,” Lawrance said.

    Moving forward, Alberta Grocery is continuing to expand the selection of local vendors on a weekly basis.

    “We’re actively looking for new vendors and we’re always adding to the website. If there’s nothing that piques your interest this week, check back next week because there will be something that will pique your interest,” Lawrance said.

    For additional information, visit the Alberta Grocery website at, https://albertagrocery.ca/