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  • City continues snow plowing following snowfall 

    Curbside collections will continue, however, may be delayed 


    The Chestermere roads teams have been working to clear and sand all priority 1 and 2 routes and major range roads following the significant snowfall. 

    The roads teams are now working on making the residential streets more accessible.

    Heavy equipment can be expected to be coming into the residential areas and pushing the snow from the middle of the road to create a lane in the center. 

    The city currently is not able to remove snow from many of the smaller streets, however, driving paths have been plowed. 

    The City of Chestermere is encouraging residents to help their neighbours who may need assistance by shoveling the plow piles that have been pushed against driveways or street-parked vehicles. 

    The city asks residents to not shovel snow from their property onto the street, as the additional snow loads are causing roadways to be impassable for city drivers and emergency vehicles, and not to plow public roadways as this could result in damage to public infrastructure or private property. 

    For more information on snow plowing routes and FAQ’s visit chestermere.ca/snow. 

    To contact the roads team call (403) 207-2807 or email roads@chestermere.ca.

    Residents can also expect the curbside collection to continue, however, it may be delayed. 

    Any carts that are not collected will be recollected when conditions improve. 

    The city is asking residents to place their curbside collection, waste, recycling, and compost carts as close to the street as possible, without blocking the street or sidewalk. 

    Carts should not be located behind or on top of snowbanks and should be at least three feet from any obstacle or parked vehicle. 

    If the collection is missed on the regular collection day, please leave the carts out until it’s picked up and emptied.

    To contact the Environmental Services team call (403) 207-2807 or email curbside@chestermere.ca.