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  • City moves toward electronic transmission of documents 

    Residents are required to sign off that they want to receive documents electronically 

    City council gave second and third reading of the Electronic Transmission of Documents bylaw at the Sept. 1 Regular Meeting of Council.

    The electronic transmission of documents would include the assessment notices that typically go out in the spring, and the tax notices that typically go out in the summer.

    “This allows the city to be able to send out assessment notices and tax notices to residents by way of email,” said the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Brenda Hewko.

    The Electronic Transmission of Documents Bylaw will also support the repayment plan for the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP).

    Part of bringing this forward is to also support the repayment plans for the Tax Deferral Program, the design of it was to ensure we would be going more automated, being able to deliver these notices electronically and starting the TIPP,” Hewko said.

    Residents are required to sign off that they want to receive documents electronically. 

    “The option is always there to have paper copies. If they don’t have email or access to a computer, they still have that ability,” said City Councillor Cathy Burness. 

    “If by chance, someone would like the assessment to go to a family member’s email, we’ve also allowed that,” Hewko said.

    “This is supporting the tax deferral program if residents choose to follow the repayment plan that the city has brought forward, which includes signing up for the electronic delivery, in exchange we would set aside their interests and penalty charges to encourage the automation of the delivery of information,” Hewko said.

    Adding, “It’s not a requirement, it’s an option.”