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  • Council votes on new city signage 

    The new city signage is expected to take two to three years to complete

    Chestermere City Council directed city administration to provide detailed specifications and cost estimates on implementing new city signage throughout the community during the Nov. 3 Regular Meeting of Council.

    The current entrance signs were installed in 2003 when Chestermere only had 5,000 residents.

    “The images and feel of the signs were reflective of the history of the Summer Village. While operations staff work hard to keep the beds around the signs appealing, the signs themselves are starting to show their age,” said Communications Team Lead, Megan Matthies.

    Adding, “The city currently does not have a coordinated way-finding signage plan that helps residents and visitors find and discover the community’s amenities through road signage.” 

    City Councillors voted to implement signage that was based on the concept of a wave.

    “Waves, evocative of movement and change, are also currently used throughout Chestermere’s current branding materials as a nod to Chestermere’s lake and water-centric identity,” Matthies said.

    “The main entrance sign is meant to be large enough to make a statement but still a horizontal shape that is reminiscent of the prairie and lake landscape. The simple, solid colours are minimal and ensure that the name ‘Chestermere’ is the most prominent feature,” she added. “The city’s brand colours are continued through secondary signs. Throughout the secondary and directional signs, painted concrete or wood is being considered for the posts as an acknowledgment of sand or docks meeting the water.”

    Approximately 95 signs need to be changed or added, including small signs on light posts.

    The implementation of the new signage is expected to take two to three years to complete.  

    “We need to explore clear and consistent signage. Our community wants to be seen as modern and professional, and the style and design of our current signs do not necessarily contribute to that identity,” Matthies said.

    “We are growing, and we will be welcoming many new residents and visitors in the years ahead. We don’t have city-specific signs on some of our significant entrance points, new signs will help residents and visitors navigate our community,” she said.

    She added, “The vision for Chestermere is to be amazing, our current signage does a very poor job showcasing what makes Chestermere amazing. The new signs will help draw attention to the amenities and features that make Chestermere special.”

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