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  • EPCOR begins curb stop repairs 

    During the summer, EPCOR located potential leaks at residences and businesses in Chestermere 

    On Oct. 29, EPCOR began to repair curb stops in the Cove Drive and West Lakeview Passage areas. 

    To access the curb stops, EPCOR had to divert traffic between West Lakeview Passage and Merganser Drive, as well as Chestermere Blvd and Cove Drive while the work was being completed. 

    Residents were asked to slow down around construction and obey all traffic and lane controls, including flag people.

    Over the summer, the City of Chestermere and EPCOR proactively looked for potential leaks at residences and businesses in Chestermere. 

    EPCOR inspected the curb stop at each property and identified curb stops that required repair.

    As crews completed the work, they kept the health and safety of employees and the public a top priority with enhanced social distancing practices, and hygiene protocols, while residents were asked to maintain a safe distance from crew members and active work sites.