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  • Farmers in Flannel Photo Contest thanking farmers 

    Albertans are encouraged to share their best photo in flannel until Nov. 30 for a chance to win a grand prize

    Ag for Life is thanking farmers for their hard work and celebrating a successful harvest through the first-ever Farmers in Flannel Online Photo Contest. Participants are encouraged to share their images online using the hashtag #channelyourflannel. Photo submitted by Roberta Hawryluk

    Ag for Life is giving Alberta farmers an opportunity to celebrate a successful harvest with the first-ever Farmers in Flannel photo contest. 

    “It’s really a way to celebrate the harvest and to give a shout out to Alberta farmers for the hard work that they do in bringing food to our table,” said CEO of Ag for Life, Luree Williamson.

    “Many people don’t understand the hard work that goes into ensuring we have food on our tables, so by sharing these photos and stories we hope to shine some light on Alberta farmers and thank them for their countless hours of hard work,” she said.

    Williamson was first inspired by her husband always wearing flannel to create a fun activity that families can do while following COVID-19 guidelines.  

    “I’m always joking with him that he has another flannel, or it’s a double flannel day,” she said.

    Adding, “It’s a fun way to salute our farming community and have a little fun. With COVID-19, we’re social distancing, and now that winter is upon us, it’s just a way to have some fun.”

    Until Nov. 30, farmers can submit their best photo on the Ag for Life website at, https://www.agricultureforlife.ca/, for a chance to win a prize package from UFA Co-operative Limited.

    “Whether you’re a farmer or if you want to thank a farmer, put on your best flannel and take a picture, and let us know why you appreciate the farmers of Alberta,” Williamson said.

    “We’ve received a lot of great photos already, a lot of families, from little babies to great grandparents having their flannel on. We’re looking for some shots that people can enjoy,” she said.

    Participants are encouraged to share their images online using the hashtag #channelyourflannel.