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  • Please support your local businesses.

    I had occasion to purchase some necessary supplies for my greenhouse. Basically I called the supplier, gave them a credit card number, and then rolled up to the loading dock and loaded my order myself. To their credit, they were practising the “social distancing” that is necessary to try to ensure that our health care systems are not overwhelmed. Being a member of a risk group (I’m old) I certainly appreciate that. After that I called my favourite restaurant and ordered some takeout. I picked up the order in a vacant restaurant that is usually packed at lunch hour. The owner was very glad to see me. This really got me thinking.

    My wife and I have called the Chestermere area home for over 20 years. One thing I have seen in this time, whether it’s in Chestermere, Langdon, Strathmore, Carseland or any other local small community, is the local businesses have always stepped up. It doesn’t matter what it is: Girl Guides, hockey, a charity fundraiser, the food bank, or balloons to memorialize the death of a local resident they have always contributed. This is amazing but not really surprising when you think about it since they are your neighbours after all. Their kids go to school with yours.

    We are faced today with an unprecedented double whammy as we have to deal with a global pandemic combined with a huge collapse in oil prices. If you are able, please support your friends in the local business community. Many of them are “face to face” enterprises and they are hurting bad. If you have a favourite restaurant, order some takeout. If you have a favourite esthetics business, etc., consider buying yourself a gift certificate that you can redeem later. This will help them immeasurably. While you are at it be sure to thank the health care workers, supermarket employees, and all the other people who are putting their own health at risk.

    We are all in this together and that’s how we will beat this.

    Peter Tindall
    Chestermere, AB