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  • Synergy builds relationships and connects individuals

    Synergy article submission

    Synergy is a local youth and community development charity based out of Chestermere that works to engage the community’s young people by developing their leadership skills, build confidence, develop purpose, stoke passions and educate youth on how to build meaningful relationships with those around them.

    On top of the work Synergy does with youth, they also offer a number of programs intended for all ages that strive to improve individuals mental health, build healthy relationships and connect individuals with local resources throughout the community that can support their specific needs. 

    The needs in Chestermere continue to shift as people adapt to Covid-19 and as such Synergy feels it is important now more than ever that our local Non-For-Profit Organizations and charities stay connected, and work collectively to support residents. Because of the rising numbers of individuals and families seeking help, several like-minded organizations have banded together in a wholehearted effort to ensure that all these needs can be met. Thus far, those among the group are Lake Ridge Community Church, Camp Chestermere, Chestermere Public Library, Chestermere Regional Food Bank, The Chestermere Regional Community Association, Chestermere Therapy Dogs, The Calgary Rural Primary Network, Stepping Stones to Mental Health, Chestermere Lion’s Club, and the Chestermere Rotary Club. 

    The following are sentiments expressed by members of the group regarding what’s been observed:

    Laurie Dunn from the Chestermere Food Bank said that the food bank was serving 76 individual clients in January, making up approximately 26 families. That number has since grown to 113 families and 499 individual clients as of early August. This is more than a 600% increase over the span of 8 months. 

    Similarly, Nicole Madamesila, the Community Wellness Facilitator for the City of Chestermere confirmed that they have received “a substantial increase in initial call volumes in the early stages of the pandemic.”  She noted, “Calls have been rising once again and [are expected] to continue to increase as resident’s transition through the fall and winter.” 

    “We’re stronger together, and (like other charities) we are all in situations where we can support the community and each other in different ways,” says Terry Gill, Senior Program Coordinator at Synergy. “At the core, charities are here to help and that starts with helping each other, helping the community and helping ourselves. And that takes form in so many different ways like knowledge sharing, mental health support and sharing of experiences so that no one feels like they are struggling alone,” he continued. 

    “Everyone is stronger together,” says Dunn. “We can all play off each other.” 

    In short, your local Non-For-Profit Organizations are working together to support the community that we love! We’ve created two “can’t miss ‘em” banners that note the different avenues that people can look to for support and the different resources available. These banners are displayed in visible areas alongside the Chestermere Rec Centre.