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  • Synergy`s Grad Parade

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    Even though the world is going through a significant transition, there are still many things to celebrate and find joy in. Each year many Grade Twelve students dream of walking the stage, attending a banquet, and having a celebration to mark the beginning of their journey into adulthood. Unfortunately, these plans could not move forward due to Alberta Health Services precautions and regulations, but that did not stop Synergy from finding a way to make graduation a little more memorable for our amazing YELL members and volunteers who achieved their diplomas this year. 

    Synergy has been blessed with the support of local youth leadership volunteers from the very beginning of their operations, and they could not do what they do without them. Many of their amazing volunteers graduated from grade 12 this year and Synergy knew they needed to celebrate their achievements. They planned a creative and fun way to show their appreciation to these grads through a drive-by parade, which allowed everyone to stay safe while celebrating. Parents of the grads were contacted and sworn to secrecy to ensure the arrival of the parade was a surprise! Many of Synergy’s staff, mentors, and the RCMP worked together to decorate their vehicles and make huge signs to wow the graduates. Many of Synergy`s program participants dropped off cards and sweet messages to be given to each of the grads as a reminder of their positive impact on the community`s youth. 

    With sirens ablaze, Synergy made their way to their five graduates’ homes; flowers and swag bags in hand. Each graduate was shocked by Synergy`s arrival, reacting with smiles and bewildered eyes! This short and sweet parade was able to bring them a bit of the magic they expected from graduation. Many said “they had no idea” while others couldn’t “believe the team did this all this just for them.” Synergy was able to bring a few minutes of joy to their graduates and their families, and they would like to share their accomplishments with the community. Synergy would like to congratulate Shelby, Josh, Nav, Keeland, and Ainsley on their diplomas. We hope to see you again soon and cannot wait to see what you each achieve! 

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