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  • Tech expert dispels 5G myths

    Tech expert dispels 5G myths

    (NC) There are many misconceptions going around about 5G. But the truth is the revolutionary wireless technology is a game-changer that’s a major upgrade from the previous 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

    Varun Kalia, head of mobile communications at LG Electronics Canada explains:

    “Each evolving network has powered new capabilities, from the first texts, to global roaming, to fast streaming. At LG, we innovate for a better life and, that means we have been planning for the 5G roll out and how it can benefit the lives of our customers from our 5G-ready mobile devices to home appliances and autonomous vehicles.”

    Here, Kalia breaks down five fast facts to know about 5G.

    • It’s up to 20 times faster than 4G. In theory, 5G can reach speeds of 20 gigabytes per second, compared to the current 4G LTE’s peak speeds. That means it can support many more devices on its network and exchange information at lightning-fast speeds.
    • You’ll see better battery life. Automating daily tasks means we won’t need much of the computing power that drains your battery. Newer 5G devices may have noticeably longer battery life.
    • 5G will power more than phones. 5G has a much lower latency, which is the time it takes for a signal to travel to its destination and back – lag time in simple terms. That’s vital to better enable devices and machines to talk to each other, and will lead to future innovations like autonomous cars.  
    • 5G is safe. It emits the same frequencies as current cell phones, wireless headphones and Wi-Fi.
    • It can spur VR and AR. 5G is a foundation for increased use of virtual reality and augmented reality. This will enable immersive experiences for fun and learning.