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  • Calgary Yacht Club honours first responders with sail pass 

    Sailors paid tribute to first responders while celebrating the 50 Anniversary of The Laser Class sailboat 


    The Calgary Yacht Club celebrated the 50 Anniversary of The Laser Class sailboat and paid tribute to first responders with a sail pass on Sept. 11.

     “The sail pass is used within nautical circles for special occasions. It’s as a salute to something, today it’s a salute to our first responders and the 50-laser team anniversary. I thought we should do it locally, the 50 Anniversary only happens once,” said Stephen Reichenfeld.

    Reichenfeld wanted to make the day more than just the 50 Anniversary for The Laser Class sailing anniversary and wanted to pay tribute to local first responders for all that they do.

    Some clubs would have a race. When we have a race, the best people always win, and it isn’t as collective,” Reichenfeld said.

    “We wanted to even out the teams, we made up fun teams, it made it more of a team collective, and we set up a slalom course, so it was a little bit tricky,” he said.

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