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  • Canadian country singer-songwriter excited to showcase latest single 

    Joy Chapman spent time in Calgary performing her newest single “Could’ve Been Yes”

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    Canadian country singer and songwriter Joy Chapman is excited to showcase her latest single "Could've Been Yes." Through the new single, Chapman is hopeful that listeners will be able to be brave enough to take risks and go for what they want. Photo submitted by Olivia Jacobs

    Canadian singer-songwriter Joy Chapman is hopeful that by creating music she can be a positive influence to her listeners.

    Chapman first got involved in music as a child. Her mother was a Royal Conservatory pianist, church organist, and schoolteacher. Chapman grew up playing piano, guitar, and singing in school and church choirs, and eventually became a church soloist. 

    “I never liked playing written music and was always wanting to make my own music when playing and writing songs,” Chapman said.

    After school, Chapman stopped writing and playing music. However, in 2004 she was in a car accident that left permanent injuries, and she was inspired to go back to her passion of writing and singing. 

    “I promised my husband on his deathbed to finish the album and to continue the singing. I wanted to leave something lasting and hopefully meaningful when it’s my time to go to that other shore,” Chapman said.

    She dedicated the song “Treasure In The Things I Left Behind” in her husband’s memory and that is the driving force behind her continuing to create and be a positive influence on people. 

    “I also learned with my mother’s dementia journey and working in the care facilities the importance of music therapy and the power of music. When they can no longer speak, the music reaches back, and they are suddenly able to sing and give a voice to those who have lost their voices,” Chapman said.

    Chapman’s latest single “Could’ve Been Yes,” was inspired by being brave enough to take chances.

    “I was thinking about how many times you hear guys that like a girl but never get the courage up to ask her, or my son thinking that a girl he liked was too good for him and she wouldn’t be interested,” Chapman said. 

    Adding, “It’s a metaphor for everything in life, don’t let a fear of rejection stop you from asking for what you want. Yes, it could be a no or maybe, but there is always the possibility it “Could’ve Been Yes.”

    Chapman has received extremely positive feedback about her newest single, with radio stations saying they love it, and it’s a great track.

    “It’s getting all positive first responses to the radio stations that picked it up and going up in rotation due to the great feedback,” she said.

    For Chapman, the idea of a new song will come to her randomly when she’s just waking up, in her dreams, or trying to do everyday tasks.

    “They float into my head usually words and music together. I’ll be either waking up, going to sleep, sometimes have them in dreams and wake up to write them down, or randomly scrubbing floors and housecleaning and suddenly I’m singing a new song and almost wake up to the realization I’m singing something that didn’t exist yet,” Chapman said.

    Chapman is hopeful that through her songs, listeners will be able to see the funny side of life, even when things are going wrong.

    “Some songs I wrote to give people inspirational thoughts and concentrating on what really matters in life, to be a positive ripple in life’s pond for whatever time we are given here. Life is tough enough for everyone and just try to help give people an extra boost, instead of looking to tear each other down. I hope my music will bring joy to people,” Chapman said.

    Although music has always been a passion for Chapman, she has had to overcome a range of challenges to get to this point in her career, such as taking on all the costs to release new music and being a woman in the country music industry.

    “Being a country artist as a woman is an almost impossible feat as they only have been wanting men for a lot of years,” Chapman said.

    Adding, “Challenges and music go hand in hand. Developing a thick skin because I don’t know why it’s a thing in music to be brutal, it should be full of love and support, but that’s not the reality right now. I’m pushing for change there.”

    Although there have been many challenges, getting to play live shows has always been a highlight for Chapman, and she was finally able to play shows in Calgary from July 14 to July 18, as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. 

    “Finally getting to play live and having the crowd recognize us the following week was a highlight. Even though we weren’t playing they asked the other band to get us up to play the single because they couldn’t get it out of their heads all week,” Chapman said.

    Adding, “Having the crowd singing along and yelling out “Could’ve Been Yes,” it was exactly as I imagined it when writing the song.”