Chestermere City Council Candidate from Ontario Promises to Govern Via Skype

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With the upcoming municipal elections in Chestermere looming this fall, candidates are lining up to pitch their case to voters. But one candidate is raising eyebrows. Wendall Yanlowski from Barrie, Ontario declared his intention to run for a council seat even though he has never been to Chestermere.

“Listen, I’ve read the Wikipedia entry and looked over the website and I just figure, how hard can it be?” said Yanlowski from his home near Lake Simcoe. Yanlowski claims to have found a loop hole in the laws that may allow for him and others in Barrie to run for office.

“Me and my poker buddies have been out of work for some time, we just know Alberta is the land of opportunity. I’ve said I’ll run and if no one else steps up, maybe my cousin Rick will run for Mayor, who knows.”

Yanlowski says that joining council meetings from 3000 kilometres away will not be a problem, “I’ll Skype in to most meetings, and if I’m on the road I can just put on the speaker phone, easy. It’ll be fun. I’m a great guy.”

When asked how he will address concerns raised by residents, Yanlowski says he has come up with a creative solution, “I’ve got a lead on a call centre in South Carolina. We’ll set up a 1–800 number and, bang, problem solved. Call anytime, day or night. They’ll answer lots of your concerns.”

Chestermere city hall is encouraging more local residents to run in the upcoming election.

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