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  • Chestermere Man Left Waiting on Covid Sign

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    Joshua Barnes was just walking on his way to the bank Saturday afternoon when he came across a lone sign on the ground telling him to “please wait here.” Like a good citizen he did as he was told. “I don’t really know what I was waiting for, but I don’t like to cause trouble so I just obeyed and stood there for awhile,” said Barnes who ended up waiting for 14 hours.

    “My wife was concerned when I didn’t come home for supper,” said Barnes. Joshua Barnes stood patiently on that spot throughout the night until his wife finally found him outside the CIBC the next morning. “This whole Covid thing is so confusing. I’m trying to follow the rules as best I can but they change all the time. Cover your mouth with your hand, now that’s bad, use your sleeve, oops, now wear a mask, I can’t keep track. So I try to just follow all the signs everywhere I go. But this time I guess I got caught,” said Barnes.

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