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  • Chestermere prepares for BOOST National 

    Event organizers are excited to bring a large-scale event back to Chestermere

    Chestermere prepares for BOOST National

    Ticket sales for the online 50/50 for the BOOST National, the second event of the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling series, open Nov. 2 at 9 a.m.

    QR codes will be posted around the event so attendees can scan with their smartphones to purchase tickets. Volunteers will also be at the event with laptops and iPads to assist anyone without a smartphone.

    “Ticket sales will only happen online this year, no cash sales, so buyers will need a credit card and a valid email,” said Raffle Coordinator, Curtis Fairhurst.

    “Largely due to the impacts of COVID-19, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) has quickly evolved its policies to allow online ticket sales, greatly enabling the entire not-for-profit community to continue to fundraise to support important initiatives in such challenging times,” he said.

    Tickets prices are one for $10, 60 for $20, and 250 for $50. 

    “This ticket price is a great option to join forces with friends or your team and buy ticket together,” Fairhurst said.

    “Last season, during the Curling’s Capital Event series, Curling Alberta’s 50/50 raffles generated over $1.2 million in ticket sales. That would not have been possible without 50/50 sales being online,” he said.

    Net proceeds from the online 50/50 will be shared between Chestermere Curling Club, Chestermere Regional Community Association (CRCA), and Curling Alberta.

    “This is an exciting fundraising opportunity for all three associations to benefit. Recovering from the impacts of COVID-19 will be difficult, especially as there is so much uncertainty surrounding the return to in-person events,” Fairhurst said.

    “In addition to the local benefit, Curling Alberta supports grassroots initiatives right across the province and is excited to have the opportunity to continue to raise funds for the future of Curling,” he said.

    “Anything to help our local businesses and local recreation centre are needed right now,” said Local athlete Ben Hebert. 

    Hebert is excited about the opportunity to compete in his home city. 

    “It’s the top 16 men and top 16 women’s teams in the world. It’s a blast to have in all communities, but certainly to be able to play on at home and bring some excitement to the city and to our recreation centre coming back from a strange two years of not being able to see live sport to be able to bring something unique to Chestermere is going to be a lot of fun,” Hebert said.

    “Chestermere is a great sporting community, they get behind all the events that come to home but having something like this on the big stage and bringing exposure to our small city, is awesome for Chestermere. It’s going to help our local curling club and raise some eyebrows to curling, and that Chestermere is not just a hockey city, there are other sports here that we like to support and bringing the world’s best to showcase that is going to be quite the experience for fans of the sport, and fans of curling alike,” he said.

    Going forward, Hebert is preparing to compete in front of friends and family.

    “The teams coming are going to be really tough, it’s going to be tough to win, and we’re going to have to play at a really high level if we want to do well. Playing in front of family, friends, sponsors, and all the people you see on the day to day is special, we don’t always get to play at home, we’re really excited,” Hebert said.

    “I hope the city gets behind the event, and the people that are big supporters come out, check out the uniqueness of our sport,” he added. Come see the world’s best, it’s going to be a really cool experience.”

    Curling Alberta is very excited for this upcoming season, and are working on raffles through the year that will support communities and grassroots Curling across the province

    Last year, two winners came from Chestermere. Their stories can be found here,



    Tickets can be purchased at curlingalberta.ca/5050.