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  • Chestermere Public Library welcomes Community Librarian

    Jackson Longworth will work with the local organizations to determine how the library can serve the community

    Chestermere Public Library welcomes Community Librarian pic 1
    Chestermere Public Library Community Librarian Jackson Longworth is excited for the opportunity to connect the library with local groups and organizations and find new ways for the library to continue to serve the community. Photo submitted by Jackson Longworth

    The Chestermere Public Library welcomed Community Librarian, Jackson Longworth to connect with the community, local groups, and organizations.

    Longworth has worked in the Camrose public library, and libraries within the University of Alberta, and in the spring, he graduated from his master’s program in Library Science.

    Longworth has been working remotely for the Chestermere Public Library since June and is now doing in-person work.

    “I’m really interested in people, I’m interested in how libraries can be part of the community, how they can support community development, strengthen and amplify ideas and things going on within the community, and how libraries can help local initiatives thrive and grow,” Longworth said.

    “I like working with people, and this role of Community Librarian suits me well because I get to be out talking to people and hearing about what’s going on in the community,” he added.

    Longworth will work as a liaison between the community and the library, going to

    organization meetings, being the library representative, hearing what people want to see in the community and how the library can be part of that.

    In addition, Longworth will also be doing typical library responsibilities such as putting books back on the shelves, working at the front desk and finding new material for the new Inclusivity Collection.

    The Inclusivity Collection was the result of collaboration between the Chestermere Public Library and the Rotary Club of Chestermere and going forward, Longworth is responsible for finding new material that is focused on inclusivity and diversity and finding out what library users want to see from the collection.

    Longworth’s priorities for the Chestermere Public Library are welcoming patrons back into the library space, letting people know the library is open again, and getting programs back up and running.

    “I’m just getting to know the library; it will come with time. I recognize that I’m not originally from Chestermere, given that I am the Community Librarian my role is about building the community, and learning what’s going on. I don’t have the knowledge that a local would, but I’m really looking forward to learning more,” Longworth said.

    Adding, “I’m very interested in thinking about what the library can do to connect with communities and groups that historically it hasn’t connected with yet.”

    Right now, Longworth’s days are filled with learning tasks at the front desk, putting books away, helping residents find things, checking out books, and getting in contact with organizations about potential partnerships.

    “As I get more familiar with the community, I’ll be doing more of that. One of the focuses of the library is getting out and listening to the community and what they want,” Longworth said.

    Longworth is encouraging any community groups or organizations to reach out, as he is very interested in learning about what people are interested in, and how the library can help and serve the city in different ways.

    “I’m really excited to be here, and I hope to get in contact with people, and hear from people about what they want,” Long worth said.

    Any community groups or organizations interested in partnering with the Chestermere Public Library are asked to email jlongworth@chestermerepubliclibrary.com for more information.