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  • Chestermere Residents Include ‘Wall of Death’ Amenity in New Civic Centre Plans

    chestermirror wall of death

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    The City of Chestermere released initial plans for their new Civic Centre. The centre will include a field house, and indoor and outdoor recreation. “City residents were surveyed this spring and we heard overwhelmingly from the community as per the kinds of facilities we wanted in our civic centre,” said committee chair Val Furlong.

    Furlong was surprised that amenities like a public pool or splash park barely showed up in the results. “It’s clear that an aquatic centre is just not on the radar for most young families in our city,” she said.

    “But one feature kept coming up over and over: a Wall of Death. Families are looking for ways to relax, have fun, and gather. A wall of death would be a unique amenity in our community, so we’ve included it as a priority project. We’ve listened and heard loud and clear,” Furlong said.

    City Council is excited that so many have rallied around this wholesome recreational activity. “We can’t wait to hear the roar of engines and the scream of terrified families as cars race around the track, it’s such a community building project,” said Furlong.