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  • City responds to Poppy Crosswalk


    Over the past year, the City of Chestermere has been working with a local family who had an idea to bring awareness to our veterans by adding a temporary poppy themed crosswalk to connect Chestermere’s recreation facility to Anniversary Park, the home of Chestermere’s cenotaph. 

    The crosswalk was finished this week and the family has organized an event to officially unveil the crosswalk on Sunday. The City is proud to support this local community initiative that was created to offer our community a chance to collectively show their respect and support for our veterans. 

    On Friday, the City received a concern from the national office of the Royal Canadian Legion about the use of the poppy image. At this time, the Legion has not requested that the City paint over the crosswalk. The City is seeking to have further discussions with the Legion to better understand their concerns. 

    The City of Chestermere always seeks to undertake initiatives with the greatest respect for veterans and their families and we look forward to working with the family, the Legion, the Veterans association, and our local community to honour our veterans.