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  • Council passes revisions to Chestermere Traffic Bylaw

    The bylaw will address traffic and parking concerns 

    Chestermere City Council carried second and third readings of the Chestermere Traffic Bylaw during the July 20 Regular Meeting of Council. 

    “The Chestermere Traffic Bylaw is primarily used to address traffic and parking concerns within the city,” said Community Peace Officer (CPO) Sgt. Trever Bowman. 

    The Chestermere Traffic Bylaw was last updated in 2013 and is the majority of complaints to CPO’s.

    “This bylaw required an extensive review and update in order to meet the needs of a rapidly growing municipality,” Bowman said.

    Changes to the Chestermere Traffic Bylaw include legislation governing the transportation of dangerous goods within the City of Chestermere, incorporating the Harmonized Playground zones into the bylaw, designation of truck routes within the city, parking of dilapidated and inoperable vehicles on roadways, updates to the areas to park recreational vehicles, permitted use and requirements for off-highway vehicles, increased pedestrian safety for pathway users, and the allowance for residents to apply for accessible parking on residential streets by their homes, based on a user-pay system basis.

    The Chestermere Traffic Bylaw is anticipated to improve monitoring and legislation of dangerous goods being transported through the city, clarify the use of off-highway vehicles in the city and on the lake, improve pedestrian safety on city pathways, and define requirements for the parking of recreational vehicles in residential neighbourhoods.

    The Chestermere Traffic Bylaw only applies to roads, sidewalks, and pathways owned by the city, private areas remain the responsibilities of the property owners.

    “The core of the traffic bylaw remains intact, modifications were required to make the merging trends, address issues, clarify permitted road usages, and enhance existing municipal legislation,” Bowman said.