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  • Cyndie McOuat supporting recreation and responsible development

    Cyndie McOuat is advocating for older adult supports, recreation, and development


    Cyndie McOuat is passionate about older adult supports, recreation, and addressing overcrowding in schools.

    In 2007, McOuat was nominated to run for city council, however, shortly after entering the race, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    “My life immediately turned upside down, 14 years have passed, and my passion for municipal politics has not waivered, and in hindsight, I feel I’m in a better position now to serve, and I can dedicate myself to council,” McOuat said.

    Adding, “I have a lot to give to the city. I can give full time to this position, all my efforts and concentration, and I’m in a great position to serve.”

    McOuat is concerned about the lack of housing and amenities offered to allow older adults to age in place.

    “I want to see more housing, transportation, and amenities to allow our older adults to stay in Chestermere where they raised their families,” McOuat said.

    Adding, “The Lakeshore Manor is a great start, but it doesn’t help people who are aging but don’t require that type of care. We need all different types of accommodations depending on their abilities.”

    McOuat is concerned about the possibility of losing the Lakeside Golf Course, and she believes council needs to be diligent and watchful for future threats to recreational lands.

    If elected, McOuat would slow down residential development until infrastructure can catch up.

    “As a long-term resident, I’ve seen first-hand how the rapid growth of our city has been detrimental to us, especially when it comes to children going to school. I see the rapid development, and I’m concerned that we don’t have the educational infrastructure to complement this growth,” McOuat said.

    If elected, McOuat wants to remove the Civil Discourse Policy immediately.

    “I agree that no one including the city staffers and members of council should be subjected to offensive or inappropriate behaviour, I believe we are all protected under the justice system, and it should be dealt with under our existing laws,” McOuat said.