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  • Dr. Giggles Theatre of Pain is now open for anyone brave enough to enter

    Showings are available Thursday to Saturday throughout October, and Halloween night


    Dr. Giggles House of Pain Chestermere is putting anyone brave enough in the middle of horror movie scenes, in the Theatre of Pain.

    “We made it look like an old theatre, and we’re doing horror movie scenes,” Mike Koroll said.

    Adding, “We came up with that idea collaboratively, as we always do, sitting around talking, and then the themes start to get more developed as we’re talking about it, and that’s where all the details come in.”

    For Koroll, the recreated scenes are scenes that he found particularly scary as a child.

    “Dallas my sponsor, found a scene on YouTube that he’s always wanted to recreate, and that one has a lot of surprises in it, and it’s going to be really fun,” Koroll said.

    This year, the beloved House of Pain is open earlier in the month, as the Dr. Giggles crew will be doing walk-throughs Thursday to Saturday all through October, and on Halloween night.

    “It’s been a bit of a grind, we’ll be crushing on this until Halloween Night,” Koroll said.

    On Oct. 1, the Dr. Giggles crew offered a friends and family night to go through the Theatre of Pain.

    “It was the test run at the haunted house we had about 40 people go through. Six people can go every 15 minutes,” Koroll said.

    “People’s minds were blown, it sounded like everyone really enjoyed every scene, which was really nice,” he added. “That can be a bit of a challenge from year to year, you start running out of gas because it’s such a grind getting it built that the later scenes tend to suffer a bit, but I really think every scene got a lot of love this year.”

    Now the crew is going through and putting together the finishing touches and adding details to scenes.

    “We’re not done, and it’s already looking really great. It’s all the finesse stuff now, it’s nothing that anyone is really going to notice, it’s stuff we want to do, putting trim on certain rooms, making things fancier in certain rooms and then just refining our acts,” Koroll said.

    Without the crew’s dedication, Dr. Giggles House of Pain wouldn’t be possible every year.

    “We have a lot of talented people here that are helping to make this happen. Without them this wouldn’t be possible,” Koroll said.

    This year, tickets are available on eventbrite, with 17 and under getting in with a food bank donation from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Halloween night.

    “We’re selling tickets on eventbrite, we’re trying to balance the books. It’s going to be money well spent,” Koroll said.

    To purchase a ticket visit this ticket link