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  • Introduction to Maverick Party Bow River Electoral District Association

    My Name is Orrin Bliss and I’m the President of the Bow River Electoral District Association for the Maverick Party otherwise known simply as an EDA. 

    An EDA is an organization set up in each federal riding that organizes and runs the campaigns for each individual party that is running a candidate in any given federal election. 

    I’m writing this to introduce the EDA for the Maverick Party in the Bow River riding. The Maverick Party is a western based party that will only run candidates in the western provinces and therefore eliminates the fact that most federal parties, in order to win elections, are required to pander to the voters in the east usually at the expense of those in the west. The one other federal party that operates with a similar philosophy is the Bloc Quebecois which has successfully lobbied for the interests of Quebecers for many years. 

    The Maverick Party will only run candidates in ridings where there is mathematically no risk of a split vote resulting in a Liberal or NDP candidate taking the seat. For example, in the last election the CPC candidate won by such a large margin over the Liberal candidate that even if the votes were split evenly between Maverick and the CPC each candidate would have over 5 times the votes of the Liberal candidate. 

     The Maverick Party is not a left- or right-wing party, we consider ourselves to be West Wing. Our guiding principles clearly state that all individuals, regardless of who they are or how they identify themselves will be welcome. 

    These guiding principles can be found at https://www.maverickparty.ca/mission-guiding-principles. 

    Our Twin Track approach to achieving our goal of fairness for Western Canadians can be found at https://www.maverickparty.ca/twintrack. 

    Track A is basically to change confederation by making necessary constitutional changes to allow for more fairness for the west. Failing that Track B is to form an independent Western Nation and forge our own path. Please visit the website for more information.

     Maverick’s policy platform has been published and can be found at https://www.maverickparty.ca/policy-platform and is written with the fairness and firmness that Western Canadians want and deserve. Please read them for yourself and see if you agree. 

    It is a well-known fact that in order to gain power all other national parties must elect MP’s in the east, truly the federal elections are won long before Western votes are counted. Knowing this all MP’s in every party are whipped into voting for the policies that benefit the east at the detriment of the west and that most certainly includes CPC MP’s. The MP you think is representing you is compelled by his party to vote for Ontario and Quebec interests long before ours, he or she is in fact acting as an eastern MP. Maverick MP’s will fight and vote for Western interests only and that is our promise to you. 

    Finally, the Maverick Party Bow River EDA is working hard at finding volunteers, fund raising, organizing for the next federal election and sourcing an appropriate candidate. If you would like to help in anyway please contact the EDA at brmaverickeda@gmail.com. 

    The rest of the EDA and I truly hope to have your support. 

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