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  • Lavender Oil Spraying Begins In Chestermere Neighbourhoods

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    chester mirror may 11

    As Covid-19 enters another wave, Chestermere Health Council has approved an innovative approach to bend the curve. Chestermere will begin spraying lavender oil over hot spots around the city in the hope that alternative therapies might have a greater impact.

    Sue Walkerson heads the council and explained that up to 1200 gallons of pure essential oil will be sprayed daily starting on Wednesday. “We invite everyone, when they hear the low drone of the plane, to quickly run outside and try to catch a blast of the healing properties of our pure lavender blend.”

    “If that doesn’t work, some on our council propose setting up Himalayan salt lamps at every intersection in town,” offered Walkerton, “but in my opinion, that’s just silly. I’d rather try a jasmine/eucalyptus blend and see if that works, first.”