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  • Let’s Make Tracks


    Let’s Make Tracks is a hiking group for those who are strong, healthy, and fit enough to hike 8 – 10 km., with some elevation gain. Typically, about 3 – 4 hours. It is for those who recognize there is safety in numbers.

    It started on a lark when I tentatively asked the Chestermere Whitecappers if they had a hiking group. I love to get out and walk or hike in the mountains but had started feeling a little nervous about my husband and me traipsing around the mountain trails on our own.

    Pat’s response was immediate, “no, we don’t have a hiking group, but do you want to start one?” And suddenly I found myself saying “uh… well, yes, I guess I could.” 

    On Monday, August 30th, 2021, twelve of us met at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park near Cochrane and Let’s Make Tracks became the Whitecappers’ first hiking group. (However, after our first outing, I wonder if we might more aptly be called Let’s Make Mistracks?)

    Classified as easy, the trails at Glenbow Park were an ideal place to get together and see what everyone could do. We walked about 13 kms with 160 metres of elevation gain (depending on who you talk to). Like any good fish tale, distances travelled, heights reached, and number of steps taken may vary!

    Our moving time was just under 3 hours but we took a few rest breaks, corrected our mistracks, and enjoyed a leisurely lunch beside the Bow River. The weather was a perfect sunny low-20’s day.

    When a group gets together for the first time, unexpected things can happen. Sherri was surprised when she realized she was walking beside her next-door neighbour. Paul and I were delighted to see Dave and Ann, old friends from minor hockey days. They were joined by their friends Dalene and Grant.

    We all learned from Jen and Bill what a pile of branches across a trail meant (they saved us from more mistracks). 

    Ken was a real trooper and went further than he’d imagined. (One must be prepared for at a few mistracks). Cheryl is excited to be getting back into hiking and Annette looked like she could easily have gone twice the distance. 

    Each of us loves doing things outdoors. That is why we joined. But meeting and getting to know a great group of people is the reason we will keep coming back.

    Stay tuned to Whitecappers for information about the next outing