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    By Emily Rogers

    Christian Heritage Party of Canada to get back to basics of government 


    Bow River candidate Tom Lipp wants to decrease government overreach in the Bow River riding 

    Bow River Christian Heritage Party of Canada candidate Tom Lipp is passionate about promoting freedom, decreasing federal government overreach, and protecting constituents from invasive policies. 

    “What makes our party distinct from other parties is the solid entrenchment in traditional values, universal values, justice, compassion, truth, and confidence in God,” Lipp said.

    Adding, “We want to protect personal freedoms. The Canadian Christin Heritage is what made Canada strong in the past and it’s the only hope for the future.”

    Lipp and the Christian Heritage Party of Canada believe in less government involvement, less regulations, promoting private property, possession of firearms, Alberta’s own police force, pension plan, more independence from Ottawa, and re-negotiating equalization payments.

    “If we are going to stay together as a country, we need to have a level playing field, we can’t be tilted against Alberta, and then favour the east,” Lipp said.

    The Christian Heritage Party of Canada believes in supporting alternative therapies, with an emphasis on prevention to get constituents through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    “The government has put a monopoly on the health care system, and government monopolies typically result in significant inefficiencies. We think there must be much more preventative treatment, and treatment for people in the early stages, rather than it being blocked by the government,” Lipp said.

    “The attention on prevention has been greatly underdone, there has been too much emphasis on the cure rather than on prevention,” he said.

    As the Christian Heritage Party of Canada believes in private property, and the right to have private property, they believe farmers who have been impacted by droughts this year need assistance.

    “The farmers need help. If farmers aren’t helped, our whole country suffers. Farmers are on the front lines and sometimes crop insurance works, sometimes it doesn’t, every situation is different, but farmers are a special breed because they feed everybody,” Lipp said.

    “We want to be careful about big government, we need more internal government and less external government. We promote individual freedom and individual responsibility. We don’t push government solutions onto all people’s problems,” he said.

    Adding, “Any government big enough to give you everything you want, is also big enough to take away all that you have.”

    Lipp and the Christian Heritage Party of Canada want to get back to the basics, such as family, freedom, and individual responsibility. 

    “Our party is rooted in the timeless, and universal truth of compassion. The other parties are focused on being politically correct, we’re focused on being factually accurate, and promoting truth, not the flavour of the day,” Lipp said.

    “We are a very big riding, most people in Bow River don’t have the big city mentality, they have both feet on the ground, and are common sense people. We need more common sense in government, less bureaucracy, less philosophy, trying to save the world, while we sort out our own backyard,” he said.

    “I’ve seen Canada change from a home of freedom and opportunity to a maze of regulation and taxation, we’re losing our freedoms in our nation are we have to resist that and fight for our freedoms,” he added. “The fight for freedom begins with telling the truth.”

    Conservative Party of Canada to target economic growth

    Martin Shields wants to get Canadians back to work and restore competence, transparency, and accountability to government


    Conservative Party of Canada candidate Martin Shields is passionate about advocating for Bow River residents.

    Bow River had been Shields’ home for most of his life, and he would be honoured to gain the confidence of Bow River constituents and represent the riding in Ottawa once again.

    “I’ve advocated for Canadians’ right to freedom of expression that was threatened by Bill C-10, a blatant online censorship bill pushed through the House by the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois parties,” Shields said.

    “The timing of this election is a point of contention for Canadians across this country. We know why Justin Trudeau called this election, he wanted to capitalize on the pandemic and his seemingly unassailable numbers to gain a majority. Despite the significant issues our country has faced over the past year and a half, of which there are many, the Prime Minister ignored the warning signs for his personal gain,” he said.

    Adding, “This is why Canada’s conservatives are giving Canadians a positive alternative to the unethical, wasteful, and arrogant government led by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party for over six years. The Conservative Party is the only party with a comprehensive platform that will benefit all Canadians in every region of the country.”

    With Canada’s Recovery Plan, the Conservative Party of Canada plans to secure the future by getting the economy back on track, getting Canadians back to work, restoring competence, transparency, and accountability to government, and ensuring Canada is prepared for a health crisis.

    The Conservative Party of Canada plans to target economic growth, security, and mental health, and addiction within the Bow River riding.

    “Mental health and addiction have caused heartbreak for so many families here in Bow River and across Canada. Recovering from the pandemic is a big task, but conservatives have a detailed plan to help Canadians everywhere,” Shields said.

    “Improving the quality of life for Canadians means taking a holistic approach to prosperity and wellness. This sentiment contributed to the detailed plans laid out in Canada’s Recovery Plan. Our plan supports our resource sector rather than demonizing it. It incentivizes people to get back into the workforce and live their normal lives without government looming over them,” he said.

    Adding, “Conservatives will incentivize investment into small business and provide opportunities to grow and thrive, rather than limiting investment by obstructing with red tape and regulation.”

    To strengthen the agriculture sector, the Conservative Party of Canada have put forward plans such as pushing for free trade deals, grocery store contracts, and an Agri-Food Labour Strategy.

    “This will ensure that Canadians can rely on affordable and high-quality Canadian produce to feed their families, and their farms can run safely and efficiently,” Shields said.

    “The drought of this past summer has also drawn attention to the need for farm safety nets. Canada’s conservatives will ensure that such programs are predictable, bankable, and manageable and that Canadian producers have a say in the AgriStability insurance program. Additionally, the conservatives will implement a right to repair policy that gives farmers the choice on where they repair their machinery,” he said.

    Throughout the campaign period, Shields has travelled across the riding to attend meet and greets, community celebrations, and to door-knock.

    He has had the chance to speak with numerous Bow River residents about their concerns regarding Canada and Alberta’s future and offer solutions, and he looks forward to continuing his work on Parliament Hill to advocate for the people and industries that call Bow River home.

    “It’s a large riding, we’ve been trying to get out and door knock, and we’re find a lot of great people. In the agriculture sector, it’s a tough year. This is one of the tougher years, but we have phenomenal and innovative people in the agriculture sector that are finding ways to make the best of a tough year,” Shields said.

    Liberal Party of Canada to support diversity in communities 

    Liberal Party of Canada candidate Getu Shawile is eager to listen to the needs of the Bow River riding


    The Liberal Party of Canada Bow River candidate Getu Shawile is passionate about the constituents, promoting diversity and inclusion while building a stronger future for the province.

    “I’m running because I believe in the people in this riding. I recognize the stakes are very high, I’m motivated to provide perspective and build a stronger future for Alberta. People are looking for a politician that will do what’s best for them,” Shawile said.

    Adding, “I want to strengthen diversity in the communities, I believe in one voice, working together, and learning from the communities I represent for a better outcome for all.”

    Shawile supports the Liberal Party of Canada’s plan to help communities, support families, and invest in health care and childcare.

    Shawile is proud of Alberta’s energy sector, and the people who work in the sector.

    “People often think about the liberal party not supporting the energy sector, but workers were being supported during COVID-19, and to keep the people working, the government rolled out funds. I don’t see the anti-oil and gas happening here, there are a lot of things happening under the liberal watch,” Shawile said.

    In addition to supporting the energy sector, Shawile also wants to build a more resilient economy, and improve health care. We want a home for everyone and an equal Canada for everyone.

    “The COVID-19 issue is referred back to the province. The provincial government needs to do the work, the federal government has procured vaccines, and I respect the provincial government plans and protocols for COVID-19,” Shawile said.

    Shawile believes what’s missing in Bow River is a level playing field and listening.

    “I believe Alberta needs a voice in Ottawa, and I want to be a voice for the people of Alberta. You have to listen to your community and hear what needs to be done, and I’m willing to do that,” Shawile said.

    “I’m very passionate and motivated to bring a new perspective and represent Alberta. I have passion, I’m a fresh head and have a lot of energy. I’m not trying to overpromise and not deliver,” he said.

    Although Shawile is out of his comfort zone, he is eager to learn, listen to constituents, and represent the people of Bow River in Ottawa.

    “The liberal platform aligns with my values, I believe the liberal party and government has the upper hand,” Shawile said.

    Adding, “I’m happy to represent the party, hopefully, the people in this riding will give me a chance. I’m a fresh head, with a lot of energy and I am very motivated to represent them. I would be happy to represent them.”

    People’s Party of Canada to reunite Canadians 

    Bow River candidate Jonathan Bridges is passionate about letting constituents make their own decisions 


    People’s Party of Canada Bow River candidate Jonathan Bridges wants to reunite Canada while focusing on freedom, respect, and accountability. 

    “I’m sick of the divide between east and west, it always comes down to us against them in some regard, currently it’s the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, and I want Canada to get back to what Canada is supposed to be,” Bridges said.

    “We feel that people should be able to make an informed decision about whether vaccination is best for them or not, and not be coerced, manipulated, or forced into making a decision. We’re against people being told they can’t leave their house for an undetermined amount of time,” he said.

    Adding, “We weren’t confined to our homes but there was very little to do outside of our homes, and with no timeline, and ever-changing stipulations about what might bring it to an end.”

    The People’s Party of Canada would see an end to lockdown mandates and mask mandates while allowing Canadians to make a decision for themselves.

    “We would provide education to people so they can make a decision that bests suits them and people can get back to their lives, get back to work, and start to have a normal life again, which would bring an end to the crisis in a lot of ways,” Bridges said. 

    “I realize some people are quite nervous and scared, I don’t feel that COVID-19 is something we need to be as scared of as most people are, I feel that it’s been blown out of proportion,” he said.

    Bridges is supportive of the farmers who have struggled due to drought conditions.

    “When there’s a great time of need like this, typically the government will kick in something. We don’t want to see our agriculture system fail, and we don’t want to see farmers fail,” Bridges said.

    “I live in a farming community, and while they are disappointed, the grain farmers I know personally aren’t scared of where their next meal is coming from,” he added. “The cattle farmers are a different story, and we will look deeper into how much assistance is needed for them.”

    After hearing Bow River constituents’ concerns, Bridges wants to begin pension reform negotiations. 

    “One of the big issues that is important to me is the issue of pensions. Workers and employees don’t have control over the money that is supposed to be theirs. Pension reform is something that needs to happen in this country,” he said.

    “Some things are going to be very difficult to implement properly, it’s going to take some time and it’s going to take a lot of discussion and negotiation for the parties but 

    I do believe it’s things that need to happen,” he said.

    Overall, Bridges believes Bow River is an incredible riding to live in, and not much needs to be changed with the day to day, but there needs to be changes across the country.

    “From what I see, people in the Bow River are not living in fear, they are living their own lives. We can be an example to the rest of the country in how people can have a good community, get along, and not harass everybody else based on whatever decision they make,” Bridges said.

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