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  • Morgan Matheson advocating for youth mental health, older adult supports, recreation, and a healthy lake 

    Morgan Matheson is passionate about bringing the small-town feel back to Chestermere 


    Morgan Matheson has been involved with community initiatives and fundraisers since moving to Chestermere 11 years ago, but now she’s ready to serve the community on a larger scale. 

    “I want to see the community go in a different direction. So many people moved here for the small-town feel, and we’re starting to lose it. We can’t undo anything that’s been done with the development, but we can try to make the best of the situation, and reel in some of the small-town feel again,” Matheson said.

    Matheson is not in favour of rezoning the Lakeside Golf Course land, and she wants to ensure the possibility of rezoning the recreational land is finalized and won’t happen again. 

    Matheson’s priorities include keeping taxes low, exploring new avenues to provide more tax breaks, holding developers accountable, ensuring school sites are ready and on deadline to be built, and youth and teen programming including sports, activities, and mental health resources. 

    “I’m really concerned about teenage mental health. I’d love some type of facility where teens could go and hang out, but there would also be a resource for them to talk to somebody about anything,” Matheson said.

    Matheson is also passionate about having housing, transportation, and amenities in place for older adults to age in place. 

    “We’re an aging community, making sure there’s support in place with transportation, medical help, food support, and activities, and finding out what we’re lacking and how can we make that better,” Matheson said.

    Throughout her time living in Chestermere, Matheson has been an advocate for women’s rights and inclusiveness through the Chestermere Women’s Group.

    “We’re getting large enough that we need some type of victim services, and it covers a broad range of services,” Matheson said.

    Matheson is also advocating for full testing of the lake water levels, and proper removal of the weeds in the lake.

    “The weed trimmers aren’t doing a sufficient job. We need to think outside the box, there are bio-friendly chemicals, something creative needs to be done,” she said.

    Adding, “We’re a lake community, it needs to be safe, we need to do something about the weeds they are getting out of control.”