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  • Multicultural Youth Society of Chestermere celebrating all cultures in the community 

    Chestermere celebrated other cultures with performances, dancing, singing, and ceremonies


    The Multicultural Youth Society of Chestermere celebrated Alberta Culture Days with performances, singing, drumming, and blessings at Camp Chestermere on Sept. 10.

    “This is an annual event with Alberta Culture Days to promote different cultures in Chestermere, and to have a better understanding of each other’s culture, learn and know, and appreciate the differences between the community we live in,” said Event Organizer, Satish Lal.

    Adding, “This was an excellent event, a lot of participation, a very colourful event, peaceful yet powerful event.”

    For Lal, it’s important to continue cultural events in Chestermere as it promotes other cultures within the community and gives residents an opportunity to learn about other cultures and interests.

    “Once we understand people and where they come from, it creates a bigger and better harmony within the people and a very peaceful environment at the end of the day,” Lal said.

    During Alberta Culture Days, Albertans are encouraged to display and celebrate their culture with food, clothing, ceremonies, or rituals.

    “It gives Albertans the opportunity to celebrate what they believe in. It’s very important to share and know each other’s beliefs, cultures, and traditions,” Lal said.

    Without the support of the community, and Camp Chestermere, the Multicultural Youth Society of Chestermere Alberta Culture Days celebrations wouldn’t have been possible.

    “Hopefully the residents enjoyed it, we had a very successful event and without the participation of Camp Chestermere or the residents it would have been difficult,” Lal said.

    “In the future, every culture needs to promote themselves so we can learn, get to know, and make it a better multicultural and inclusive society that we live in, because culture enriches 

    every society, and we need to promote that every day,” he said.