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The Chestermere Bus Stop Committee held a late night planning meeting to approve the bus stop design for the new transit system. “We were looking for a proposal that was both functional and inspiring,” said committee chair, Dawn Fitzpatrick. She said, “Of the those bus stop concepts submitted, we were inspired by this Norwegian design. It blew us away!”

Selected by the committee was a bus stop design by Scandinavian architect Hans Halvörssen. Upon hearing of his win, he said, “designet mitt er veldig upraktisk, men jeg håper du liker det, takk for at du valgte det.”

Some Chestermerians are criticizing the design as dangerous, missing a roof, strange, and impractical. Resident Frank Sutherland believes that having Chestermere’s lone bus stop a mile north of Chestermere shows a lack of planning. “How the heck are we supposed to get to it?,” he added.

In spite of the criticism, Fitzpatrick is undeterred, “it’s a statement! We put it outside of the city to encourage people to connect with nature, engage with the bus stop in an open setting, and because walking is good you!”

There is no word yet on how much this bus stop will cost, but Fitzpatrick pointed out that the exchange rate from Canadian Dollars to Norwegian Krone is pretty favourable right now, “So it should all be good,” she said. Some features of the bus stop include stairs to climb and look for your bus on the horizon, as well as places to stand and wait around.

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