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  • Parent and Caregiver Support Services continuing online programs and workshops for families

    Families can access Parent and Caregiver Support Services programs and workshops without a referral 

    The City of Chestermere’s Parent and Caregiver Support Services (PCSS) is offering parenting workshops and seminars throughout January.

    Throughout the month, families are encouraged to participate in online parenting workshops such as Raising Competent Teenagers, Kids Have Stress Too!, Grow & Learn: Reading is Lit!, Mid-Grade Readers Advisory, Parent Connection Group, Baby Talk, and a Developmental Screening Program for parents and caregivers. 

    “We help empower parents and caregivers with the knowledge, by providing free, universal opportunities to learn about parenting, and raising healthy, resilient children,” said Early Childhood Supports Team Lead, Suzan Jensen.

    “Being a parent is certainly not always an easy, straight forward job. We want parents to feel supported and know that it is normal to experience difficulty and to not always have the answers when it comes to raising a child. When you throw in a pandemic, and all of the struggles that have arisen, many parents are feeling even more overwhelmed,” she said.

    Adding, “Our PCSS team is here to provide support, whether it be connecting you with information, resources, or a referral to a specialist, we will be here to offer connection and help through our wide array of quality, evidence-based parenting programs.”

    All of the PCSS programs and workshops are currently being offered online to ensure the health and safety of families.

    A referral is not required to participate in the PCSS programs and services. 

    Residents are encouraged to visit, www.chestermere.ca/pcssprograms to get involved with programs and workshops.