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  • Plymouth Voyager Least Likely Vehicle To Be Stolen: Chestermere Study

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    After a recent series of vehicle thefts in Chestermere, grade 5 students Mitch Tellerson and Cindy Walton of Prairie Rainbow Elementary School conducted a study to find out which vehicles were least likely to be stolen by car thieves. Their findings were surprising. They found that in every case of vehicle theft over the past eight years, there were absolutely no instances of Plymouth Voyager minivans having been stolen.


    “We were shocked!” Said Walton. “These are reliable vehicles, many are still on the road after three decades, well beyond 500,000 km’s, and long after most of the paint has flaked off. We thought they would be a favourite choice among the criminal element. Boy were we wrong. Our hypothesis was that these would be a top choice, but to our surprise, we found F-350’s and BMW’s were more desirable. We still don’t really know why.”

    The students will present their findings at an upcoming science fair and hope their work will curb criminal activity. “We just hope bad guys will stop stealing cars, or at least see the value in these overlooked assets. Voyagers really are amazingly resilient family vehicles.”