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  • Regular lake patrols underway 

    Chestermere RCMP, Fire Services, and Peace Officers are conducting regular lake patrols and vessel safety inspections 

    The Chestermere RCMP and Community Peace Officers (CPOs) are conducting weekly lake patrols to ensure lake safety this summer. 

    Primary water patrols are being completed by the RCMP with assistance from the CPOs or Chestermere Fire Services (CFS) as often as possible.

    “Patrols thus far are very successful, with the majority of contacted vessels in compliance with the mandatory safety requirements,” said Community Peace Officer, Shawn Press. 

    “Chestermere community safety as a whole wants to ensure a safe and fun summer for all lake users,” he added. “To help achieve this, officers focus is the safe operation of all vessels on the lake. We are making sure pleasure craft operators are abiding by all federal and municipal regulations, such as speed limit zones and safety equipment.”

    During lake patrols and vessel inspections, CPO’s and RCMP are looking for mandatory operators’ licenses, safety equipment such as life jackets, bail buckets, re-boarding devices, and noise sounding devices, while also ensuring there is no recreational drugs or alcohol on board. 

    Vessel operators should always have enough life jackets for everyone on the vessel, all required safety equipment on board, ensure their craft is in good working order and is mechanically fit to be on the water. 

    Commonly, RCMP and CPOs have noticed some operators using a friend or family member’s boat without having an operators’ card with them, missing paddles or the required amount of life jackets for the people aboard. 

    “CPOs and RCMP have made contact with several vessel operators at the boat launch prior to launching their boats, and officers have been able to point out required or missing items, saving operators time and ensuring safety is a top priority in Chestermere Lake,” Press said.

    “Every pleasure craft operator on Chestermere Lake needs to work together to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time on the water this summer,” he said.

    Chestermere RCMP, CFS, and CPOs are asking everyone to not operate their vessel while impaired, as drugs and alcohol are not permitted aboard a pleasure craft.

    “Be courteous and give everyone space to enjoy the water, and please obey all posted speed limits and cautionary buoys,” Press said.

    Vessel owners and operators can call Chestermere Community Safety for any safety-related questions, or if they would like to have an officer check their vessel and safety equipment. 

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