Response to Peter Paauw’s letter in the Anchor

The article by Peter Paauw of Slokker Homes is a self-serving fabrication that does nothing to advance the issue of development of the Lakeside Golf Course. By impugning the integrity, motives and veracity of those involved with Lakeside Green Preservation Society, and by attempting to pit Lakeside Greens “inner sanctum/golf course residents” against all other Chestermere residents, he has reached a new low on the scale of business acumen. But, he wants us to believe him, above all others, because he grew up in a small village in the Netherlands – “We urge citizens to ignore the hear-say and inform themselves by contacting us directly”, he says in the article. His email to me says, “We are the best source of information.” Yeah, right, we should only listen to him?

As a self-professed expert in the operation and financing of golf course operations, he states, unequivocally, that the golf course is beyond saving, “despite Herculean efforts …” of the present owners. These are the same owners who have taken generous salaries out of the golf course during its existence.

If there is no chance of saving the golf course as a golf course, why is there at least one bona fide offer on the table to purchase the golf course and continue to run it as a golf course? And, why do I see hundreds of signs opposing his development, not only in Lakeside Greens, but all over Chestermere? And, why didn’t the “independent” economic analysis paid for by Slokker include any current results?

The loss of the City’s golf course and the upheaval caused by the addition of 1,200 new residents would be a shame and would tax existing infrastructure beyond its limits. At the same time, there are at least 5 large-scale developments around the city that will provide all the necessary tax base and new infrastructure to ensure the city’s structured growth and future prosperity without sacrificing one of its “crown jewels”.

I don’t think the City of Chestermere’s long term vision is to cram as many residences into the space available. I encourage city councilors and administrators to deny any application to develop the golf course lands as long as a viable alternative is available.

Ian Murdoch – member of Lakeside Golf Club from 1992 to 2020.

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  • Thank you for this response. I also was raised in Europe with small homes in small spaces. We relocated to Canada for a new lifestyle. Chestermere residents in Lakeside Greens are concerned about their homes however the greater community is also concerned about unnecessary development. There are numerous developments to suffice housing demands. Schools are at capacity. Please maintain the golf course green space Slokker and accept the purchase offer. You and McBean have totally misread this community. Go back to your small town over developed family roots in the Netherlands

  • Thanks Ian for your comments showing how tone-deaf this developer has been. Mr. Paauw has totally misread Chestermere’s residents on what they value in the whole of the community. He and McBean should accept the latest offer and leave.

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