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  • Seniors Update – Tele Conference on Thursday

    Health – CRPCN Update: 

    Clinics: Please be aware of the CRPCN Clinics in Chestermere.  The Primary Care Network (PCN) is a Not for Profit, under Alberta Health, that focusses on optimal health in our community. They operate separately but integratively alongside Alberta Health Services to improve your health journey by facilitating comprehensive and coordinated team-based care in the community. Chestermere is included in Calgary Rural Primary Care Network (CRPCN)

    When your Family Doctor chooses to be attached to one of the 42 PCN’s in Alberta, many supports including professional support Teams come with that, and these services are offered to you, free of charge, through your PCN Family Doctor.

    This team of professionals consists of Physicians and Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Diabetic Nurses, Dietician, Exercise Specialist, Foot Care, Counselling and Community Development. 

    In Chestermere currently we have a new CRPCN Office/Clinic operating in Rainbow Falls known as Reflections. There will be two Nurse Practitioners joining the Family Physician there and able to accept new patients over the next two months. As well, our support team of professionals will be available there as well as Oasis Medical, Easthills Family Clinic and Easthills Walmart. Stay tuned to for our Open House coming at Reflections.

    A new Craving Change program is coming available in April from CRPCN about Emotional Eating ! Please sign up through our website: crpcn.ca

    Vaccine update: Hopefully you have booked your appointment for your vaccines if you are 75 years and older through 811? And good news ahead about getting more people their 1`st Shot sooner! None of the vaccine for Covid 19 are live vaccines. Please know Pfizer/Moderna are viewed as the same effectiveness. AstraZeneca will be given to people under age 65. Please see AHS Vaccine website for all Covid Vaccine current information.

    Please book your appointments through 811.

    Community Updates:

    The Chestermere Mental Health Coalition has started the Wellness Challenge to March 1st- 31st. 

    We have 11 teams up to 4 people. They are all working on their 5’s: sleep, diet, work and school, relationships and play. Great pre-recorded speakers to listen to at their leisure in the comfort of your own home, as well as making little changes to balance your lifestyle while in your bubble.

    We hope to make this an annual event for Chestermere. Stay tuned for their progress and wins.

    Chestermere Coalition for Seniors

    Meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month. The next meeting is March 17th at 1:30 via zoom. Please email Leslie leslie.racz@crpcn.ca    if you would like to attend. The coalition is also looking for seniors who want to have a voice in Chestermere, please join us and have your say.

    Seniors Tele Conference Thursday 11 March 10:30 – 12:00 pm

    Topic – Join us for a Q & A on Lakeshore Manor, Independent Living for Seniors, with guest speaker Kelly McKiel General Manager. Learn about the manor, take a virtual tour and meet the staff.

    If you would like to register, please contact smatthewman@chestermere.ca  or call 403 – 804 – 0817 with your preference for joining.

    Seniors Week June 1-7, 2021

    Showing appreciation for our seniors’ contributions to our community (Please watch this space for regular updates or https://www.chestermere.ca/seniors   

    Armchair Travel 

    Armchair Travel is one of the most wonderful ways to look into our fantastic, vast world and learn as much as our hearts desire. We can travel to some of our favourite places without leaving home.  Through videos, pod casts, books and music and numerous other ways, we can go to places we have never seen, or only ever dreamed of. This way of travelling is a delightful pastime and is good for the imagination and soul. This form of travel at it’s best, makes us want to go and see for ourselves. After all we are curious individuals and have a thirst for knowledge!

    Enjoy sensory and magical experiences as we travel back in time or across the globe, take a trip down memory lane and many more exhilarating moments that will make you smile and fulfill your heart.

    Ready? Let’s jump into Spring, a season of new beginnings and growth. The rebirth of nature, warmer weather and increased hours of daylight. The first blooms of the season begin to appear, tulips and daffodils bringing colour to our lives. Trees wake up from a long winters nap, the appearance of buds ready to burst into lush greenery and offer us a protective canopy of shade, for the hot summer months to come. Now is the time to start planning outdoor activities, maybe a new sport, or that longed for flower and vegetable garden.  Let’s awaken our senses and experience our Spring landscapes.

    To prepare for our trip, please follow the steps for a relaxing journey. Step 1 – Pour yourself a cup of tea or your favourite tipple, Step 2- kick off your shoes, Step 3 – pull up a comfy chair, ready? let’s go!

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    2020 High Park Cherry Blossom Virtual Tour: History  Toronto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSCUKG4AkVU 6:03

    Beautiful Spring Landscape Of The World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94ZLdXLHduc&list=RD94ZLdXLHduc&index=2 10:23

    Most Beautiful Places in the World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTEnplF3SSc 10:41

    Around The World Experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AZp66BLIWM 10:05

    *Daylight saving time 2021 in Canada will begin at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 14. Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward by one hour

    Have a wonderful week,
    Take care Leslie & Sharron