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  • Snakes to help control vermin in Chestermere

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    The city of Chestermere will get some slithering help this summer controlling gopher, rabbit, and cat populations in residential areas of our community.

    With the success of a recent program which uses goats to curb the spread of weeds, council has approved this innovative project.


    Snakes will be working in the Cove, Westcreek, Rainbow Falls, and along West Chestermere Drive starting June 4th as part of a pilot program.

    “We know snakes have been a natural predator for unwanted pests and we believe they will sharply impact several regions of our city for the better,” said Jerry Torrence, director of pest management for the city of Chestermere.

    Known as selective predation, snakes stay hidden under sidewalks, stairways, and around playgrounds waiting to strike their prey. “You really don’t want to be a stray tomcat when our Big Boa ‘Bert’ is working,” said Torrence, “these experienced big breeds make quick work of ‘em.”

    Some residents at the May 14th council meeting offered their concerns over releasing over four dozen constrictors and vipers into the community. Len “Snakeskin” McCabe, who operates the snake wrangling company contracted by the city defended his program, “We have to deal with the rabbits in this city. This is an effective, natural, and efficient approach. We simply suggest keeping children and beloved pets indoors until August 15th, that’s when we expect all the snakes to return.” McCabe also offered a few tips to avoid any unwanted interactions, “If you don’t want your cat to be eaten, we suggest slathering your kitty with linseed oil. I’d suggest the same for kids. If we work together we expect a safe and memorable summer.”