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    Chestermere is a beach-side oasis boasting thousands of tourists each year visiting from far and wide. Recent years have seen an uptick in visitors looking to take in the sights, the expansive shopping, and the glamour of this vacation destination. With more visitors arriving by boat than ever, some wonder if Chestermere can handle the influx and whether these tourists might be spreading more than their enthusiasm.

    With the threat of Covid-19 and the risk of infection from cruise lines, Chestermere residents have questions about the risks posed by tourists landing on their shores. Local resident Jane Growley lives near one of the most popular cruise ship docks on Lake Chestermere. She believes that not enough is being done to screen tourists arriving from far-off destinations like Langdon, Strathmore, and Carsland. “Look, we know they are coming by waterways, but we don’t know what infections are brewing on these cruise liners, it’s a petri dish, I just think more needs to be done,” said Growley.

    Hans Freidrich, Vice President of Chestermere Cruise Lines, said that their three cruise ships are subject to rigorous cleaning and follows all government regulations regarding Covid-19. “Our guests enjoy one or two week cruises on Lake Chestermere and we work hard to ensure that their stay is memorable. Whether they disembark at the famous Sunset Park, spend the day at the Cove Tennis Court, or take in the shopping at Safeway and the dollar store, we know that the chances of spreading viruses remains low.”

    As the new cruise season opens up, residents are being advised not to touch any tourist. But if you want to stand in line at Costco beside one of them, that’s perfectly alright, so long as you don’t speak too moistly.

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