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  • Who is the government?

    I don’t know about you but I’m losing my faith and trust in government in general when it comes to doing what’s best for the future of our existence. We seem to only react when the danger is so real that there is no other choice, and the pandemic is a great example of that. We’ve been told how lucky we are in having a vaccine available this quickly, but it was science not luck that got us there. 

    I also suggest it was totally motivated not only to save lives but the economy of the world, once again money talks. This clearly demonstrates when the world works together on a common goal solution, results can happen rapidly. However we now need to take that experience and get more informed on what you can do personally in slowing the heating of the planet.

    How many times have you heard this – How can I make a difference? We as individuals need to invest in our family’s future, this decade, by having people in government that believes not only in science, but acts on what science is telling us to do. We need people in government that are willing to work together by not spending our collective tax resources on challenging who’s right or wrong in taking real action on climate change, because we are now running out of time to act on. This means we can no longer afford to have figure-pointing politicians in power.

    NO surprise, but we the people are the government if we choose to hold those we elect to govern for our family’s future accountable. So, is it time to change it up by tying their pensions to accountability? Why not? We are the voters, we are the government, are we not? We need to stop voting in short term political gain thinking people, to those that have an effective plan to bend the curve of climate change like we did collectively with the pandemic. This is all of our problem as we all pollute in some form, how much is your personal choice. Therefore, politicians that think it’s someone else or just an industry problem are short sighted and needs to be removed. Science is now recognizing in even a better way how the world works and what time we have left to stop what they call the tipping point of irreversible change.

    These changes need to start with conviction NOW in this decade. If we continue to choose to ignore, the loss of jobs won’t be the only problem if we don’t pay attention to who we want in government. So, I want to challenge your knowledge, there is an up to date documentary on Netflicks called Breaking Boundaries, which I suggest you should watch with your family in getting informed by science. Then think about how you can start making changes, as well ask yourself what type of government you want given what science is telling us to do. Your family’s future is your choice, and time is running out even to have a choice. What will you say to your family in 10 years when they ask what did you do?

    Dennis Bigras
    Wheatland county