Alberta RCMP focusing on new drivers traffic safety

Alberta RCMP reminds motorists that everyone has a role in traffic safety.

The Alberta RCMP is sharing safety tips for new drivers this summer.

“Motorists with a learner’s licence or a probationary graduated driver’s licence (GDL) are often still getting comfortable behind the wheel. The time spent learning the rules of the road is critical for developing safe driving habits and behaviours,” an RCMP media release said.

RCMP are sharing safety tips for new drivers to remember such as, not travelling with more passengers than seat belts, always adjusting the seat, mirrors, navigation or hands-free devices before starting to drive, staying alert and aware of surroundings, sharing your itinerary before heading out on long trips, ensuring the vehicle is in safe operating condition before hitting the road, and not getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“Sober driving is safe driving. You must have a blood-alcohol level of zero when driving,” the release said. “Be distraction-free. Keep your focus where it needs to be, on the road.”

Drivers with a learner’s license are reminded that they must be accompanied by a fully licenced individual over 18.

“Driving is a complex skill that requires time and practice,” Alberta RCMP Traffic Insp. Chris Romanchych said. “New drivers should understand that with a licence comes a responsibility of following traffic laws and adopting smart driving behaviours. This is not only for their own safety but also the safety of those they are now sharing the road with.”

The Alberta RCMP is reminding all drivers that everyone has a role to play in traffic safety.

“Whether you have little experience behind the wheel or years of driving under your seatbelt, everyone has a role to play in upholding traffic safety,” the release said.

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