Albertans to save on every fill-up

The fuel tax relief program has been extended until September.

The provincial government is extending fuel tax relief for Albertans.

Albertans will save 13 cents on every litre of gasoline or diesel they purchase for another three months.

“We’re helping Albertans save money through the fuel tax relief program at a time of need. While fuel prices have continued to increase nationwide, Albertans still pay considerably less than their provincial neighbours. We’re pleased to extend this important relief measure until the end of September,” Premier Jason Kenney said.

With the fuel tax relief program and GST reduction in place, a total savings of about $6.80 per tank for a compact car, $7.21 for a small SUV, $12.65 for a mid-size SUV, and $18.50 for a large pickup truck and semi-trailer is expected, a provincial media release said.

“Countless Albertans have told us how much the program has helped them during these challenging economic times. With the program’s extension, Alberta’s government is continuing to support Albertans and their ability to afford everyday goods,” President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance Jason Nixon said.

The provincial government will evaluate the program quarterly and reinstate it in stages only if the average price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil fell below $90 per barrel, the release said.

The government will re-evaluate the program in September and is now calling on the federal government to consider consumer relief measures.

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