Calgary Rural Primary Care Network providing support for Chestermerians

Chestermere residents can access a variety of programs and services.

The Calgary Rural Primary Care Network (CRPCN) is continuing to offer support, programs, and services for Chestermere residents.

“We help to connect the clinics with the community, and push wellness out into the community,” CRPCN Community Development Coordinator Leslie Racz said. “I love what goes on in Chestermere for our seniors, our early childhood, and our needs around mental wellness in the community.”

The CRPCN has an active role in supporting Chestermere residents with a variety of programs and services for diverse needs.

In the new year, the CRPCN will run programs such as Happiness Basics, which is designed for individuals who feel mild to moderately depressed and want to learn life skills on how to improve their happiness and improve their mood.

“It’s open to everyone, but if you feel like you’re at a higher level of depression and not functioning well, I’d encourage you to talk to your family doctor about resources that are out there, or a local PCN nurse,” said CRPCN Registered Nurse Kimberly Gordon-Krus. “This class is for those who want to have a better outlook on life, improve their mood, and generally find more happiness in their world.”

The CRPCN is also offering an emotional eating class, Craving Change.

“We don’t touch on what you eat, we touch on why you are eating. Everyone analyzes their own triggers and works on techniques to improve their way of eating,” Gordon-Krus said.

The CRPCN is also offering conversation cafes, designed to offer support for residents living with dementia, and their caregivers.

With the holiday season approaching, the CRPCN is working with Stepping Stones to Mental Health to offer holiday stress management, Camp Chestermere for That Winter Thing, the Kids Holiday Store, adopt a senior and adopt a family, and coordinating food bank hampers for seniors.

“We are very business around the community organizing Christmas season events, we’re trying to be very coordinated with our not-for-profits, and the community resources,” Racz said. “Reach out if you know someone who is feeling isolated as the winter months come, there are so many things going on.”

The CRPCN is also involved in Chestermere-based coalitions, such as the Mental Health Coalition, and the Older Adults Coalition.

The Older Adults Coalition meetings at the Lakeshore Manor and is working to identify the needs of seniors in the community.

“The purpose of this coalition, which is really amazing, came from the community, it was a chance to hear the voice of older adults,” Racz said.

The coalition is also working to finalize the new edition of the Seniors Resource Handbook that will be published in the new year.

The new edition of the handbook will include the Chestermere Medical Clinic in Kinniburgh, and information on how to access care.

“They will be running full tilt in the new year, but they are available for physician appointments now. The PCN will be in there supporting them, we are everywhere,” Racz said.

Although the Chestermere Medical Clinic hours aren’t specific yet, the clinic is planning to offer walk-in services, and working to recruit physicians to provide care on the weekends, Gordon-Krus explained.

“The clinic is open for meet and greets right now, that is definitely the plan, they are wanting to provide that service for the community,” Gordon-Krus said.

If Chestermere residents need to access walk-in care, Gordon-Krus encourages them to try to schedule a quick appointment with their family physician.

“Other than that, we’ve had to send a lot of people into Calgary to the walk-in clinics,” Gordon-Krus said. “We have sent a lot of people from Chestermere to the Marlborough walk-in clinic. If you find a doctor doing a walk-in, call them first, and make sure that is the case before heading over.”

The Chestermere Medical Clinic will have a Pharmasave opening next door with prescribing pharmacists who can treat small ailments.

For more information on senior support, and programs, visit the Lakeshore Manor website at, or email Leslie Racz at

For more information on services, programs, finding a doctor, at-home exercise videos, or connecting with the community, visit the CRPCN website at

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