Chestermere Mental Health Resources

Professional Learning:

COMMUNITY HELPERS TRAINING: SUPPORTING YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS IN OUR COMMUNITIES – TWO- ½ DAY TRAINING Are you someone other naturally turn to for help? Do you want to learn more about how to help others? The Community Helpers Program trains individuals in helping skills. Participants learn more about mental health issues, suicide prevention, support skills, community resources and self-care. Do young people come to you for help? When they do, do you know what to say and what to do? The Community Helpers program teaches you how to support a young person who may be struggling with their mental health. In this training you will learn helping skills, self-care for helpers, mental health & suicide awareness. When young people feel, they can talk to someone – a family member, teacher, friend, or neighbour – about their mental health, they feel better supported and are more willing to get further help if they need it. This course is a certificate program and will be tailored towards building the helping skills of parents, caregivers, community members and school staff. Date: February
5 & 12 2022 Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
 Cost: Free (Online) Register:

COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH – TRAUMA INFORMED APPROACHES – TRAUMA-INFOMRED PRINCIPALS INTO PRACTICE This session explores the role that traumatic experiences can have in people’s everyday life. The focus of this information is to offer a generous approach by implementing skills that help community adopt a trauma informed approach in the relationships and roles they have. Trauma is part of human experience and working from a trauma informed lens acknowledges the prevalence of trauma within the population. As such, front line workers in the human services sector can anticipate that they will often serve individuals who have experienced or been affected by trauma. The hope of sharing this information is that together we can create a kinder more generous community for everyone. It is strongly recommended that you take the Community Mental Health – Sciences of Hope and Resilience prior to this course. Date: February 26 2022 Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Cost: Free (Online) Register:

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS PLUS (HRP) FOR 2SLGBTQIA+ YOUTH (SMALL GROUP TRAINING) An interactive, discussion-based workshop will enhance participants’ understanding of risk factors and resiliency among Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual (2SLGBTQIA+) youth, and explore a promising intervention, The Healthy Relationships Program for 2SLGBTQIA+ Youth workshop attendees will develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of the program and the focus of the individual sessions. Participants will receive a free training manual ($60 value) and experience a variety of program activities and engage in practice facilitation. 

Date: March 07 2022 Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm Cost: Free (In Person) Register:

Location: Bert Church High School 1010 E Lake Blvd SE, Airdrie, AB T4A 2A1

PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID (PFA) AFTER A DISASTER OR EMERGENCY – CHILD, YOUTH & FAMILIES (Online) Psychological First Aid (PFA) Child, Youth and Families is a way of people helping people immediately after a disaster or emergency. PFA providers give practical support in a way that respects the person’s dignity, culture, and abilities. PFA providers must take care for their own well-being first so they can be helpful to others. The virtual 2-hour Psychological First Aid (PFA) for a Pandemic-Child, Youth & Family Webinar has been developed to support professionals (teachers, school administration staff, community partners, counsellors, etc.), as well as parents and caregivers to enhance skills and increase confidence when supporting children, youth and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Date: March 11 2022 Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am Cost: Free Register:

MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID: ADULTS WHO INTERACT WITH YOUTH (2-Day Workshop In-Person) Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the help provided to a person who is showing signs of declining mental well-being or crisis. “MHFA – Supporting Youth” is a course designed for members of the public who have frequent contact with young people (ages 12 to 24). Participants will learn how to: 

·         Recognize signs that a young person may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health or substance use crisis 

·         Initiate conversations that encourage a young person to talk about a mental health or substance use problem 

·         Discuss professional and other supports that could help with recovery to improved mental well-being 

·         Assist in a mental health or substance use crisis

·         Check in with one’s own mental well-being and act as needed

Date: January 20 & 21 2022

Time: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM (each day)

Location: Online


*Course currently full, but waitlist is available

Date: April 04 & 05 2022 

Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (each day)

Location: Education Centre 2651 Chinook Winds Drive SW Airdrie AB T4B 0B4


Community Education Services Parent Sessions:

Supporting Children Through Grief & Loss

February 3, 2022 6:30 – 8:30pm

To watch a child grieve and not know what to do is a profoundly difficult experience for parents, teachers, and caregivers. There are many life experiences that can produce feelings of grief in a child, from the death of a relative or a divorce in the family to more everyday experiences such as moving to a new neighborhood or losing a prized possession. The pandemic has added even more reasons, with children grieving the loss of normalcy and a sense of safety. This session is to help adults counter the false idea of “not feeling bad” and to empower children with positive, effective methods of dealing with loss. We will look at guidelines for helping children develop a lifelong, healthy response to loss and how you can support them through these tough times.

*Poster not available yet, see for registration details

Part 1: The Process of Addiction

February 8, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

28 Feb 2022 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Defining addiction, the substance use continuum, relationship between addiction and mental health and the impact of COVID-19 
and stigma.


Brain Science: The Sciences of Hope & Resilience

February 9, 2022 10:00am – 12:00pm

April 13, 2022 6:30pm – 8:30pm

May 9, 2022 6:30pm – 8:30pm

This session exists to support caregivers with the fundamental elements of brain science with a focus on the strengths of knowing how this can positively impact children and youth development. The interactive session will provide insight into brain structure and the stress response. In addition, we will explore adverse childhood experiences and Covid-19 as they relate to brain development, while providing information and strategies to build resilience.  

*Poster not available yet, see for registration details

Managing Anxiety in the Covid-19 World

February 16, 2022 6:00pm – 8:00pm

This session will outline the differences among worry, stress, and anxiety, and how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect mental health and wellness in teens.  The session will also cover clinical presentations of anxiety and provide parents with insight as to what is ‘normal’ and when to seek help from a mental health professional.  The session will also cover strategies for parents to assist their youth in navigating this complex world, including stress management, self-care, and strategies for improving executive functioning and resilience. 

*Poster not available yet, see for registration details

ADHD & Executive Functioning: For Children & Youth 

March 2, 2022 1:00pm – 3:00pm

April 11, 2022 6:00pm – 8:00pm

The session will be an overview of ADHD and how issues with impulsivity and/or inattention impact children’s ability to manage their environments. The session will also explore the impact ADHD has on Executive Functioning and how it relates to managing everyday tasks, and meeting daily expectations at home and at school, including social, emotional, behavioural and academic demands.  


From Finsta to FOMO: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

March 14, 2022 6:30pm – 8:30pm

The world of social media is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up. This session will look at some of the most popular platforms among Canadian youth and how to protect privacy and keep everyone safe. We will also discuss the effects of social media use on teen mental health and how to promote healthy social media habits in a digital world. 

*Poster not available yet, see for registration details

Parent & Caregiver Support Services (PCSS) provides free, universal parent education workshops, programs, and other supports for Chestermere parents/caregivers with children ages 0-13 years. We have highlighted a few key programs and workshops that offer information, and helpful strategies that parents can use at home to help their child develop healthy ways of dealing with stress, managing emotions, and getting along with others.  

Kids Have Stress Too!® Parent Program 

Who: For parents and caregivers with children ages 4 – 13 years of age. 

What: We live in a stressful world. In some ways, today’s families are under more stress than ever before, and that includes kids. Learn about how you can help your child develop strong social and emotional skills during this 2-hour workshop. Parents will learn about the key role they play in helping children learn to manage stress, and different techniques that will teach them to relax. 

Why: The lifelong benefits we see when children build strong social and emotional skills are clear. They are more likely to succeed in school, work through challenging situations, get along well with others, and maintain positive mental and physical health.  That is important because people are not born knowing how to manage emotions, solve problems, and get along with others. Parents play a vital role when it comes to helping our children build strong social and emotional skills. 

When: February and March 2022 

Offered throughout the year (please visit www.chestermere./ca/pcss to view our current programs and workshops). 

Positive Parenting (Triple P) Workshops 

Who: For parents and caregivers with children ages 4-10. 

What: These 90-minute parenting workshops offer helpful information and effective strategies to help children succeed in school, manage emotions, and get along well with others. You can attend one, two, or all three of the Triple P Workshops which includes: 

  • The Power of Positive Parenting – This session offers an overview of Triple P and helps parents understand the reasons kids do what they do, so you can encourage the behavior you like, and less of what you don’t like. 
  • Raising Confident, Competent Children – Help your child become confident and successful in school and beyond. Learn ways to help them be respectful, considerate, and communicate well with others. 
  • Raising Resilient Children – How can you help your child manage their emotions so they cope well with disappointment and in stressful situations? Learn strategies that will allow them to recognize positive and negative emotions and deal with them in a healthy way. 

Why: The Triple P positive parenting workshops allow parents to decide what is important to them. It doesn’t tell parents how to raise their children, but gives them the confidence and skills to build good relationships with their child, set boundaries and rules, and follow up with consequences that aren’t harmful. 

When: January 11, 18 & 25, 2022 

Offered throughout the year (please visit www.chestermere./ca/pcss to view our current programs and workshops). 

We provide other programs throughout the year that provide information and resources to parents and caregivers such as

  • Grow & Learn– topics such as health and nutrition for families, picky eating, … 
  • Social Thinking program– children 4 years and older (alongside their parents/caregivers) learn about their thoughts and feelings as well as how others think and feel.  

TWEEN/TEEN Positive Parenting (Triple P) Workshops 

Who: For parents and caregivers with tweens and teens (ages 10-16 years of age) 

What: 90-minute parenting workshops with general information about promoting your teenager’s development. 

  • Raising Responsible Teenagers – It is normal for parents to feel frustrated with their tweens and teens- whether they are behaving irresponsibly or being disrespectful, there are ways to create positive change! Learn what makes your teenager tick in our first workshop. You’ll come away with new ideas to encourage your teenager to make good decisions, be respectful, considerate, reliable, and involved in family life. 
  • Raising Competent Teenagers – Set your teenager up for life with the strategies in this seminar which focuses on helping your child get the most out of their school years. Find out how to help them communicate well, develop self-discipline and good routines, follow rules and solve problems. 

Why: You may already be in the thick of raising a teen or have a tween who’s hurtling towards adolescence. Either way, the strategies in this workshop can set you up to handle (or prevent) the stress, drama and unpredictability of this different and sometimes difficult stage. 

When:  March 2, 16, 30 & April 13, 2022 

Offered throughout the year (please visit www.chestermere./ca/pcss to view our current programs and workshops). 

Calgary Rural Primary Care Network in Chestermere :

Check out the website to see what great courses we are offering this winter both in person and virtually. Happiness Basics is another great program that runs in Chestermere virtually for 4 weeks in January 2022 and another start date in March. Craving Change is also starting in the new year and is addressing emotional eating. These courses can be accessed and registered for through our website above.

CRPCN Courses:

CRPCN Chestermere Office: 

  • Address: 102, 320 West Creek Drive, Chestermere, Ab, T1X 0B4.
  • Phone Number: 587-333-3751

This office is accepting new patients living in and around Chestermere, to our 3 Nurse practitioners, who do not have access to a Family Physician or PCN supports and staff. Our CRPCN staff have access and can make referrals to all AHS Mental Health Resources, Psychiatry, and Counselling.

Did you know, Calgary Rural Primary Care Network has many courses available, free,  within our network as well as many others in the province. These courses are free and easy to access through our main website link: https// We offer courses around Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Wellness and Health and Wellness. Some you may be interested in:

  • Alberta Anxiety to Calm, a six week workshop that takes an in-depth look at anxiety: what helps and what hurts. Starts March 3rd, 4-6:pm, online.
  • Alberta Happiness Basics; learn and practice ways to improve your mood, vitality, mental and physical health, 4 weeks, Starts March 1st, 2-4:pm,online.
  • Craving Change: a 3 week series on why you eat what you do. Starts Feb. 23rd, 4-6:pm online.
  • DBT Skills: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, teaches you how to live in the moment, regulate emotions, relationship building. Starts Feb 3rd, 1:15- 3:15pm, online.
  • Cardiac Health and Wellness Series; how to be kind to your big beautiful heart, an educational series provided by a registered Nurse, a Behavior Change Therapist, Dietician and exercise Specialist. Starts March 2nd 2-4pm, online.

Synergy Wellness Programming for Youth and Families

Synergy Youth and Community Development Society (operating as Synergy) provides accessible youth programs and other wellness supports welcome for anyone in communities of Chestermere and Southeast Rocky View. This document provides a listing of a few key programs that Synergy offers. Many of which aim to support youth and individuals in the community in a variety of areas such as intellectual, physical, mental, social and environmental health.


Who: For teens 13+.

What: Teen SHOUT provides a welcoming space for any teens in the community to gather where they can connect, share, talk about important topics, and be supported. Youth are joined by positive mentors who are up to discuss anything from healthy relationships, current events, social justice, or what’s happening on social media. Mentors also support youth with addressing any issues they may be having such as stress and anxiety while encouraging individual exploration and strengths.  

Where: LifepathCentre for Community Leadership

101-340 Merganser Dr W, Chestermere, AB (Access Through Gas Plus Lot)

When: Weekly program on Mondays from February to June & October to December 2022

How: For registration information/questions please visit our website at or contact us at or (403) 212-0242.


Who: For youth ages 10-12.

What: SHOUT Girls Circle offers a supportive space for any youth in the community to come to each week and connect with peers and express themselves freely. It is designed to nurture and promote self-awareness, positive relationships, resiliency, and critical thinking. With the encouragement of caring adults and mentors, the girls explore themes and topics which are relevant to their lives, such as growing up identifying as female, self-awareness & self-compassion, healthy relationships, body image, trust & boundaries, the power of positivity, goals & intentions, and much more. All while making new friends and connections. 


Chestermere Program:

Lifepath Centre for Community Leadership

101-340 Merganser Dr W, Chestermere, AB (Access Through Gas Plus Lot)

Langdon Program:

Langdon Field House Garage 344 Centre St., Langdon


Chestermere Program:

Weekly program on Thursdays from February to June & October to December 2022

Langdon Program: 

Weekly program on Tuesdays from February to June & October to December 2022

How: For registration information/questions please visit our website at or contact us at or (403) 212-0242.  


Who:  For youth ages 10-12.

What: SHOUT Boys offers a welcoming space and a program focused on the development of social skills, teamwork, and other key skills necessary for youth to succeed through maturity. With the guidance of caring adults and mentors, boys gain valuable experience and learn how to succeed in school, in their community, and within their families. SHOUT Boys allows a positive environment for boys to express themselves free of judgement and to learn from those around them. We focus on developing self-confidence and a sense of respect for others while teaching the problem-solving skills necessary to overcome hardship and deal with challenges.

Where: LifepathCentre for Community Leadership

101-340 Merganser Dr W, Chestermere, AB (Access Through Gas Plus Lot)

When: Weekly program on Thursdays from February to June & October to December 2022

How: For registration information/questions please visit our website at or contact us at or (403) 212-0242.

Connection and Care

Who: All ages welcome. 

What: Synergy is pleased to offer Mental Health and Counselling appointments to support any youth or families with anxiety, stress, depression, family challenges and more at a low cost. These appointments are available by phone or video during the COVID-19 situation. Counselling is available at no-cost or a low-cost.  Full subsidies are available for those without insurance coverage or the means to pay the reduced fee of $50 per hour.

Where: Due to COVID-19 appointments are available remotely by phone/video chat.  In person appointments also available

How: For information/questions please contact us at or (403) 212-0242.

Friday Fam

Who: Youth ages 10+. 

What: Friday Fam is a weekly group that provides support, a safe place to be yourself, and fun for youth ages 10+ in Langdon. In the format of a conversation circle, youth learn to build healthy relationships with peers and mentors through learning about important social/personal issues and team-building activities. Wellness education is the focus while learning how to address and prevent personal mental/physical/spiritual health issues. Feel free to drop by to check it out before registering!

Where:  Langdon Field House Garage at 344 Centre St., Langdon

When: Weekly program on Fridays from February to June & October to December 2022

How: For registration information/questions please visit our website at or contact us at or (403) 212-0242.

Homework Helpers

Who: Youth grades 4-12

What: Homework Helpers is a free program that offers tutoring in all academic areas for students in grades 4-12. Students are mentored by older students as well as adult staff and volunteers. The focus is on developing problem solving skills, using an adaptive learning model, and emphasizing fundamentals. Homework Helpers aims to help students learn effective study habits, reduce test anxiety, and gain overall academic confidence! Please note that drop-ins are always welcome, but priority will be given to those who register. Contact us for educational resources and notes. 

Where: Lifepath Centre for Community Leadership

101-340 Merganser Dr W, Chestermere, AB (Access Through Gas Plus Lot)

When: Sessions scheduled throughout the school year

How: For information/questions please visit our website at or contact us at or (403) 212-0242.


Who: For youth ages 7-9.

What: A program full of opportunities to explore and connect with peers in a fun, inclusive, and creative space. Allowing participants to try or “dabble” in new activities with the goal of helping them identify and explore their passions while building self-confidence, self-esteem, and teamwork skills. As well as, being supported by caring youth and adult mentors/volunteers. Previous programs have included fitness, ringette, hockey, intro to coding, yoga, intro to circus equipment, indigenous story stones, equine therapy, and more!

Where: Lifepath Centre for Community Leadership

101-340 Merganser Dr W, Chestermere, AB (Access Through Gas Plus Lot)

When: Summer 2022

How: For registration information/questions please visit our website at or contact us at or (403) 212-0242.

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