City council updates Waste Management Bylaw

There are changes to rates.

Chestermere City Council passed the updated Waste Management Bylaw, taking effect on Dec. 31.

The purpose of the bylaw is to regulate, control and manage the storage, handling, collection and disposal of waste, compostable and recyclable materials, and provide terms and conditions for collection services.

Environmental Services Manager, Dario Rementeria recommended during the Nov. 15 council meeting, that council give all readings to the bylaw and rescind the previous bylaw due to the dissolution of the Chestermere Utility Company (CUI).

“The reason I’m bringing this forward, is the dissolution of the utility company, previously known as CUI, council passed a motion to direct administration to dissolve the company,” Rementeria said. “The bylaw is extremely CUI driven, there’s a lot of CUI terminology, and outdated terminology due to roadside collection.”

The bylaw hadn’t been updated since 2015 and was set to expire by Dec. 31.

“The new Waste Management Bylaw is evoked as all agreements need to be reset by 2022, and so does the bylaw,” Rementeria said.

The new bylaw has a city-focused approach that explains the current three-cart collection process.

“We no longer do bag collection, and excess bag, that’s why it needs to be taken out, and we removed curbside, excess bag and collection can pick-ups,” Rementeria said. “We have a high focus on the cart collection system which explains compostable materials and recyclables.”

Under the new bylaw, there are no changes to rates.

“To be perfectly clear for everyone, this particular bylaw does not dictate monthly garbage rate or water,” City Councillor Stephen Hanley said. “We originally needed to have a CUI waste management bylaw exclusively of all of that, and all this does is replace that.”

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