City exploring pathway to Langdon

The pathway would follow the southeast canal to Langdon.

Chestermere City Council is reviewing the possibility of building a pathway to Langdon.

Mayor Jeff Colvin opened up a discussion of a pathway to Langdon with council and directed staff to continue further discussions with Rocky View County (RVC) staff and Langdon.

“The idea is to have a pathway that connects to Langdon along the canal, and get people who are walking, jogging, and riding bikes the opportunity to get away from traffic and highways,” Colvin said.

Ideally, the pathway would follow the Western Irrigation District (WID) southeast canal that flows into Langdon, similar to southwest paved pathway that connects to the Calgary pathway system.

“My understanding is there are opportunities for grants for this type of project because it involves health and activity,” Colvin said. “It would be a joint venue between RVC, Chestermere, and Langdon.”

City staff will continue to further discussions with RVC and move forward with a possible paved pathway to Langdon along the southeast canal.

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