Council continuing to explore public transportation options

City administration is exploring using molly trolleys as public buses.

Chestermere City Council is continuing work to expand transportation options within the community.

In September, Strategic Advisor for the City of Chestermere Jerry Gautreau brought forward the transportation option of using molly trolleys.

The molly trolleys would be used as the main public transportation and commute passengers full-time every day throughout Chestermere, and during city events, to limit traffic and decrease parking concerns.

“The molly trolleys we put in front of council have been sold, however, we’ve sourced some other ones,” Gautreau explained during the Nov. 15 council meeting.

The molly trolleys would have to be imported into Canada, with transportation fees import fees, and broker fees.

Although there are many molly trolley options, city administration has to be careful of which units can be imported into Canada.

“We have to be very careful what we try to import, we have to make sure they are Canadian approved to import. Although there are a lot of molly trolleys, we have to make sure they are the right ones that can come into Canada,” Gautreau said.

He estimates the costs to operate the trolley including fuel, maintenance, and insurance would be $300 per day when the trolleys are in full operation, and $100 per day when not in operation.

City administration is currently waiting to go view the molly trolleys and ensure they are the right fit for Chestermere.

“Council through resolution has allowed us to go look at the units, we’re looking at flights to book, we’re also waiting on other documentation,” Gautreau said. “I’m hoping to go down with the mechanic to look at these buses to make sure it’s going to be a fit.”

City administration placed the units on hold, with a $5,000 refundable deposit.

“It seems like every time we find something, we lose it, so administration decided to put a deposit down for these buses,” Gautreau said.

After viewing the units, city administration will present a business case to council, before making a proper decision.

“Once we have more details, we will bring back the analysis to council, if this will even work for us,” Gautreau said. “We’re not 100 per cent sure at this particular time, we’re 95 per cent sure it will work, but there’s still a chance it might not.”

Gautreau is hopeful to view the units within a couple of weeks and bring a report back to council for the last council meeting in December.

“We have to do a business case, to allow council to make the proper decision.

Once that comes in, my recommendation is if council approves it, to put it in the budget for transportation,” Gautreau said. “I think we have an idea for what this council is looking for, for transportation for residents.”

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