Council passes interim budget to ensure numbers aligns with strategic vision 


A $5 million surplus is projected 

The City of Chestermere approved an interim operating budget for the first quarter of 2022, using last year’s first-quarter budget numbers.

The budget was passed to ensure council and city administration had time to gather information and build a detailed budget that reflected council’s strategic vision for the new year.

“We are taking a moment to pause and make sure the proposed budget aligns with council’s prudent fiscal vision,” Mayor Jeff Colvin said in a media release. “Additionally, with a $5 million budget surplus realized from 2021, we can potentially offset costs in the new year.” 

With the potential budget surplus, the city could invest additional funding into the community, social programs, staff training, financing of retroactive cost increases to RCMP contracts, and a possible property tax reduction. 

Council is set to reconvene in February when a comparison between the 2021 actuals and the proposed 2022 Operating Plan is reviewed. 

After council has time to consult with administration on city objectives for the year, council will reassess and formally carry the 2022 operating budget before the end of the first quarter. 

Administration was also directed to present a full business case for all listed capital projects that need approval before proceeding. For any projects that span through multiple years, an updated business case will be requested yearly before continuing the project. 

For more information and a copy of the 2022 budget presentation, visit 


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